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   I just wanted to say that this server may have some of the worst ban procedures I have ever seen in any game, ever. THIRTY DAY response time for appeal responses? That's an absurdly, ridiculously, atrociously long amount of time for something that took less then THIRTY SECONDS to implement. What makes this especially egregious is when you are full IP banning people, so if someone lives in the same building as someone else they can potentially be banned for another users actions, without them having even done anything. Let me make absolutely clear: 30 days is NOT an acceptable minimum time to wait on a ban appeal. Honestly, it seems pretty unacceptable to be IP banning in this instance as well, potentially getting other people wrapped up in problematic users' bans, if you can't even verify that you actually BANNED THE CORRECT PERSON. I am making this complaint as a person who hasn't even gotten banned. I've just seen this happen to other people. And thirty days for an appeal? That's about 10 times the acceptable length of time for a standard ban appeal response. From an outside perspective, 3 days seems like it would be the reasonable minimum and 7 days would seem like it would be the acceptable MAXIMUM, seeing as it takes less then 30 seconds to implement a ban. Is the ban information not easily accessible? Would it take anymore time than 5-10 minutes to read through, and look at any given ban appeal? I'm sure there isn't extreme volume on these bans, something that would make 30 days be semi-understandable, such as hundreds of bans/appeals per month. Thirty days is just an excessive amount of time in anything except specific situations like that. The IP banning is imperfect but if the ban appeal response time was shortened, it would make the IP banning somewhat acceptable, imo. So I guess I will end my complaint by reiterating that thirty days is not an acceptable amount of time to make people wait for an appeal response, the amount of time should be shortened drastically, and anything other than it being shortened is a failure of responsibilities of the admin team. 

(01-23-2023, 03:02 PM)howdydothere Wrote: I am making this complaint as a person who hasn't even gotten banned. I've just seen this happen to other people.

um. thank you. im sure they appreciate it.
The only bans you have to wait 30 days to appeal are bans that are, otherwise, permanent. Any other ban can be appealed whenever you want to make an appeal, or you wait out the period.

If you feel that a ban was unjustified or applied in error, you can also appeal immediately.

Friend, you are getting mad on behalf of nobody.
I made this post because I have a friend who was erroneously perma-banned weeks ago, appealed it, and just heard back about it today. The fact that it took weeks to get back to them with a "ThE Ip bAn iS AcTualLy jUstiFiED" is ridiculous.

You are incorrect both in saying I am mad, and that this post is made on no ones behalf.

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