Complaint I dont think captain bravo is handling my ban well.
CaptainBravo permanently banned me in game for out of server actions, more specifically actions on the discord. 
I did threaten to kill myself, which is really bad and my discord ban is 100% justified, but I don't think I should be game banned for two minor reasons:
1. CaptainBravo dismissed my initial ban appeal just because I had made it one month after the ban. While yes this is a short time of recovery, it is still feasable. A lot has changed in my life since then, as I stated in my appeal. Also, nearly half a month has passed since this appeal, and while im not complaining about the response time, this makes my case more feasible. I feel like denying my appeal due to doubt is unhealthy, as I really have changed. 
2. Banning me on the game sever for discord actions which were arguably not worth the ban and turning a simple incident into a major fiasco.
If I remember correctly, I didn't threaten to kill myself before my ban, I just went on a rant. I don't remember threatening to kill myself before I got banned, nor did I make any signifigant attempt to do so in game. I even made attempts at helping myself when I got muted on the server. However, when I woke up the next morning and saw my ban, that added fuel to the fire and made me a bit unstable. I honestly think his ban is what sent me on the spiral, and I don't think I should have been banned from the game for posting what I did, and even I think that my discord posting prior to the initial game-ban wasn't permabannable.
Looking back on it now, I still feel I am at fault and will accept a full discord ban with a chance to appeal, and will even accept the game ban as break to cool my head, but I feel that this situation could have been handled better.

Sorry for not using the usual format.

I just added more evidence into the angle that im a skeezy loser who has no life outside of here didn't I?
I get thats the reason for complaint number 1 as well, but I am genuinely trying to make amends for my wrongdoings.
I just want to get unbanned so I can stop feeling like an asshole.
Hello, I'm the admin you decided to PM a suicide threat to.
Emotional manipulation, especially of that degree, is not OK whatsoever, and therefore you aren't welcome here currently. There's a line, and you pole-vaulted over it.

Wait a handful of years or so before coming back with a really good apology.

Here's some advice (from a friend of mine) to perhaps help with self-improvement until then:

Quote:your mistakes don't define you; you are more than the sum of your mistakes
step 1: own it. admit you made a mistake
step 2: fix the mistake if possible, get help from someone who can help
step 3: apologize
step 4: think about how the mistake happened
step 5: try and correct the root cause so it doesn't happen again
step 6. share the new knowledge you have so other people can avoid the same mistakes
growing up is a never ending series of mistakes
if you learn from your mistakes then at least you're always headed in the right direction
I don't know if this will be enough time to heal the wound, but I think I will try again in a year or so.
I'll try to improve myself by then.

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