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[MERGED PR] Nadir increase to max players allowed (60 > 70)
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About the PR

Increases the MaxPlayersAllowed setting for Nadir from 60 to 80, placing it in a similar bracket to other midpop maps like Cog1 and Kondaru.

Why's this needed?

Allows Nadir to show up in more circumstances, particularly on the Classic server which tends to run at a higher populace.

While the map was originally added at a cap of 60, I think 80 is pretty reasonable, with the following thoughts in mind:

- During official testing, before any of the improvements and size increases to the map (not even door shields in the first round!), population reached about 80 with things not flying off the handle anywhere near as much as you'd expect.
- Since launch, several significant changes have occurred that make the map more effective at handling larger populace, aside from the door shields:
- A nuclear engine and mining department were recently added, including two new Miner job slots, improving the amount of Stuff engineers can do and increasing the overall crew complement.
- The Hydroponics department was expanded substantially, making it considerably more comfortable for the five-Botanist complement Nadir permits.
- East and west secondary hallways (and maintenance counterparts to the north) were extended one tile wider, alleviating one of the most problematic pinch points that came up during initial testing.
- Four new "auxiliary compartments" (outer 3x5 random rooms) and three new internal random rooms have been added, making for several new spots to take over for projects or hide away for Crime Activities.


(+)Nadir's maximum rated occupancy has increased to 70.

Yes please. Tbf you could probably go fullpop since half the crew ends up dead to acid anyway.
Isn't Nadir cramped as heck
Let's go full sardine can. That is a great idea and contributes to nadirs feel.
(01-16-2023, 10:52 AM)BatElite Wrote: Isn't Nadir cramped as heck

It feels much more cramped than it actually is (which is intentional to an extent). It's now larger than Oshan in peak dimensional terms on both the X and Y axis; it has trimmed corners compared to Oshan and no research outpost, but also no hole in the center.

Anecdotally, while it's hard not to run into people, it's also still very possible in my experience to find parts of the map where nobody is going to run into you, even during Classic hustle and bustle.
The biggest reasons I think it's a bad idea to make it the same pop level is that on Oshan and other maps, a breach isn't a huge issue. It's bad, and will get people killed, but vacuum is survivable for a long while, everyone spawns with small air tanks, and suffocation damage goes away once you get to a safe place.

Acid is much nastier, and can leave entire rooms basically off-limits until someone well-equipped enough can fix it. Walking into the acid deals a bunch of damage and disfigures your face. More people also means more bystanders and rubberneckers that make fixing problems harder.

Higher population means more chaos, and Nadir is _really_ sensitive to chaos.

I don't have any real opinions on the merge. But it is worth considering the ramifications of more people beyond just how cramped it is.
Sensible enough. Nadir does guarantee emergency suits that provide you a period of protection, but that's deliberately finite.

I'm quite open to trying 70 pop instead, even though it doesn't fit neatly into an existing population bracket; 60 is just at the level where midpop consistently loses access to it. Operating on the logic of some "slop" between player populace, I can see where ranging into 75 from a limit of 70 would be safer than ranging into 85 from a limit of 80.
I really do not think that having 80 players would be that bad, but I don't think it should have more for now. I think that testing the map with a few games at high pop would be good to see how it handles it.
I’ve personally never had an issue with high populations on smaller maps, so I can’t see myself having a problem with this either.

More map variety on Goon 1 is always welcome in my book.
I think 70 would be good.
I don't think there's a noticeable difference between a pop of 70 and one of 80, but I'd prefer 80 because then it'll show up in the map vote more often, giving more options to choose from.

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