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has diceroll combat/fights been tried?
i'm not advocating for it here or anything but i'm curious if it has ever been tried on the goon rp servers before. 'tried' in the sense that it wasn't a rule or anything but rather tried by the community/players. i see it sometimes in games that have strong roleplaying communities such as wow or xiv but the thought happened to enter my head while i was reading something ss13 related
I'm gonna be honest that kind of just seems like it'll feel Bad to everyone involved. damage ranges for attacks is something a combat system has to be built around to begin with, but I think any parties involved having less control in a fight directly impacts anyone's ability to DRIVE that scene, in a sense. making combat more rng-focused could also potentially deter antags from getting direct, specifically because that rng could fuck them over. overall I don't really see the potential benefit something like this would lend RP, or even just the playfeel of the game
Trust me once in a while a "DICE ROLL" shift is fun, but to keep it standard makes everything slower and annoying.

As a gimmick it's fine, but as a mechanic? No.
It slows down figths to rolls....and as stated.. it makes antags really less willing to fight.
And RP has the least combat effecient Antags...
No nukies, No wizards, No werewolves.
Aka antags that right out of the gate cause chaos.

The ones that can fight like Vampire and Changeling start off stealthy.
So if anything.. on RP.. people are unwilling to fight since now you have people stopping and fighting or the fight keeps happening but with the constant RNG it just means RP fights will be constantly hit and run insted of engaging into battle.
old goon was balanced around RNG more than stamina (crits, disarm etc) so, sorta.

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