Feedback A thank you to Cal and admin staff
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Admin: Cal
Server: Sylvester
Date+Time: 1/03/23 around 7pm EST
There was an admin gimmick being run, and it ended up being very fun and engaging RP wise. I was HoS this round, and the details of the gimmick made me unsure how to respond. Cal gladly took time after the round to explain things to me, and how I should handle such things in the future which was extremely helpful to me. Just wanted to drop a short thank you for that. For keeping it interesting, and taking the time to educate me and improve my play. To Cal and the admin staff, thank you for the interesting RP, and being willing to be open and help make my Goon experience great, as well as all the players!
No problem! Thank you for the kind words!
Gotta agree with KingMorshu on all of that, I was on edge the whole time and I got a superb turn of events leading to my demise at the end, big thumbs up it was aweshome!

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