Complaint If a Permanent Ban Appeal is Denied, Do i need to wait more 30 days?
Hi i couldn't find a right channel to ask this but, if my perma ban appeal is denied, i need to wait more 30 days?
The matter was already resolved earlier this month (they made an another post asking this very question in the private forum, and they got their answer there), so opting to lock this. The answer is yes, if your permaban appeal is denied, you should wait those 30 days, unless the admin explicitly tells you can appeal it at an earlier date.

(01-06-2023, 05:14 PM)Tarmunora Wrote: Lifting the ban for your new account but also simultaneously adding a 2-week ban on it for being utterly insufferable. Do not appeal it.

Sounds like you gotta wait another 2 weeks from the date from this thread. Hope that clears it up.

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