Wolf Muddler Mentor Application
Usual character name: Wolf Muddler
BYOND username: Jackary1
Discord username (if you are on our discord): jaack#4928
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: Goon1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I have always been interested in this games community, going from feeling like I'm barely a member of the community, to feeling well respected in and out of the game. Mentoring was originally something I'd thought never would've came to my mind, but over the last 2 months I've become more and more interested in becoming a mentor. Since then, I've grown a desire to help the community. This is something I feel I can do well.

I started off in August 2022, playing as a Botanist. Initially, I was quite a bit clueless. I learned about SS13 from Boat Bomber and Charborgs videos, and Botanist is a staple of those, so I decided to try botany out, this gave me (obviously) quite a bit of Botanist knowledge, and a bit of Chem knowledge as well.

My chem knowledge would be further expanded on with my next job of choice, Bartender. I became well knowledgable in the world of Drinks. I also did quite a bit of poisoning as traitor Bartender, remembering the recipes for Sarin and Neurotoxin off the top of my head. Bartending gave me alot of Chemical knowledge, which led me into maining..

Scientist was my next main, and the start of me as a community member. I went from the name Jacque Pascal to Wolf Muddler, and with this name change, came a change in knowledge. I became interested in everything. I did Artsci a whole ton, and then eventually gathered the nerve to learn Telesci and as of recent, Toxins. I'm able to construct a pretty OK ttv in 15 minutes, able to tide Caps spare with peak precision, and able to ID most arts with Dwaine, without Dwaine, and with the thingamajig.

Detective was my next main, here I learned the basics of Security and the basics of aiming. I prided myself on trying to get fair brig times for everyone. Not much else comes from doing det shit, so I'll continue to

Captain. My current main and the main thing I do. I am a relatively fair captain, with an interest in helping the station (Mainly Security and Engineering). I check in with crew of every department 5-15 minutes. I pride myself on defending Command during revs, putting myself before any other command member. This is also where my character of Wolf Muddler split in two, with "GeneTek Operative Muddler", my Traitor character, surfacing. And becoming the main thing I think I'm known for. GeneTeks entire purpose was to use strange lesser known traitor items, and it still is. I've learned how to use Telegun, Bowling Kit, Handheld chemicompiler, and as of recent, signaller implants.

Recently I've also been playing Mining and Engineering, and randomnaming as Secoff. I'd like to learn these jobs more and more, so I'll continue practicing them.
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
I can confirm wolf to be quite a genuine, nice person who I see regularly helping those who need it and is quite knowledgeable. I've also played security with them a few times and can say they are a very respectable sec off
Your time in the community has been brief, but you have spent a majority of it learning as much information as possible. I've spent many rounds playing around you and I can personally vouch that your game knowledge exceeds the entry standard for being a Mentor.

However, the most important thing for becoming a Mentor is social intelligence. You are expected to remove bias, be patient with frustrated players, and carefully word things to avoid condescension. Stepping up to this level and above requires a level of self awareness and maturity that you haven't quite reached judging by your in-game interactions with other players.

I have no doubt you'll get there, though. -1
Putting Aside my Friendship with you Wolf Im gonna put my thoughts out there in terms of you being a mentor.

Alright, In terms of Knowledge for becoming a mentor I recon you reach that standard and could teach people. You seem knowledgeable in many areas of the game but I don't see you Playing a variety of Jobs and see you lacking in Job expertise in Areas such as Engineering.

aside from Your Game knowledge which Could pass as adequate I'm gonna have to agree with others on this post and say that I personally don't think your attitude is On the level of that required for a Mentor. You often have behaviours that I wouldn't really expect of someone who others are to learn from. Examples are that, as Captain and Engineer you Often Have Violent tendencies against Tiders whether that be those who go to bridge or Mechlab. Idk You just I hate to say it just don't really have the Social requirements that I would expect from a Mentor.

As a friend within the game I appreciate your Presence and I enjoy seeing you interact within the game. But I cant really see you Becoming a mentor as of right now. Nothing that a bit of time cant fix though eh smile. My advice personally would be to expand your Job variation, Like obviously play what you want but I don't think it shows a good presitent when you only really play Captain.

I Love you man as a Friend, But I dont think I really see you as a Mentor right now. Sorry. However, Please Reapply later. I would love to see your growth into Suitable Mentor Levels. Don't give up!  a fancy greater domestic space-bee frown((( -1
I like you as a player and have had many positive interactions with you. However, I haven’t really seen you teaching anybody or showing any interest in helping other players. I’m not saying these interactions don’t take place, just that we share the same time of day where we play and I haven’t seen them.
Wolf is a little chaotic but very nice. He knows a bit about the game but he doesn't really help alot of new players, usually habging around more experienced players. But no matter what job he has, he is good at it and nice. So no on a mentor role, but maybe you should try your luck on HOS?
Hey man, I love catching you in game, and I absolutely LOVE working with you.
But as most of the other comments are hitting up. You may have some Good experience in some jobs,
But you only hit up like 3 jobs at the most. most of them being Head of Station jobs or sec. The rare time I see you in engineering you're mostly doing mechanic work and fixing the station. Don't get me wrong I'm never everywhere. And I'm not on all the times you're on.
You also have a bit of a stubborn side to you, which in NO way is an out right negative thing, but when met with criticism or someone trying to teach you something different than what you're doing, you meet that with hostility. I would love to see you someday as a mentor though. But the ends gotta justify the means. You need to grow a bit more man. I'm rooting for you. Trust me. -1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, you would not be a good fit as a goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-07-04.

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