Feedback Hauntmachine, RP3, 10.15 CET
Admin: Hauntmachine

Server: RP3
Date + time: 10.15 CET (around, not entirely specific)
Synopsis: I asked a roboticist in LOOC why machine translator implant must always be used and stated I found it annoying and that I wished it was a traitor item and went on to mining. I didn't call the player an asshole or anything. 
I know I was an asshole a year ago but I've really tried to change my ways and I simply do not understand this ban and would like a clarification as I didn't receive an admin knock.
You have been banned.
Reason: Being an asshole in LOOC to a roboticist of all people for installing the silicon frequency implant. As you've been warned in the past for rudeness OOC, you're gonna get a ban for this.
Banned By: hauntmachine
This ban applies to all servers.

Of course I did wrong in my thread remake, date was: 2022/12/22

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