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Escape Shuttle Chaos
Shuttles are known to be chaotic and hectic, but as of late, it's also most antagonists rampage to some degree.
Now I know this is basicly bad, as there is no escalation.

Last night I was playing clown, being a silly clown, pranking people without lubes and such and scamming people with crypto.
But when the escape shuttle arrived, I was sitting and waiting and a staff assistant decided to chainsaw me to the face and it did... something since I was dizzy, unable to move straight and such.
This was ahelped, but... while escape shuttle chaos is kinda a goon staple. In my opinion, the busier the RP server the more likely chaos will happen.

So let's talk about what escape shuttle chaos invokes for every shift and what happens in more extreme shifts.

Normal Shifts:
- Any staffy or lower ranking employee trying to brute force themselves onto the command deck.
- Someone trying to hog the donut spot. (Sometimes trying to lock and weld those doors)
- Medbay section being overrun by people who need healing or taking cover from chaos.
- Occasional brawl or someone trying to cause minor chaos. (building things, slipping banana's and such)

Busy Shifts:
- Antagonist causing a major issue.
- Security section overrun by prisoners or people taking cover.
- Someone causing a brawl non the less.
- Someone breaking open the shuttle doors to let someone in with a pod, mostly resulting in someone flying out of the shuttle.
- Someone trying to hotbox the shuttle (fails always)

These are things I see common in some shape or form. But anyway...

The point of this discussion is to gauge what everyone thinks of these things.

For example... I get annoyed when staffies just barge into command and think it's normal. Always dragging them out , then they start hacking the doors to get in... I am like: "Really my dude?"
Eitherway... what do you guys think of the escape shuttle chaos? Do you enjoy it? Do you think some things needs to change? What are your stories?
I mostly want to use this to gauge everyone's thought on this.
The shuttle is the best occassion to parade your creations. For chef, botany, rancher and barkeeper it is a good occasion to get at least some exposure for what they done, since they get often ignored.

That's why i dont mind buildings in the shuttle. Although hitboxing should be a clear no, of course.

And for antags its the last minute to escalate. I think many antags who didn't escalate and begin rampaging in the shuttle are very often inexperienced or tried to do stuff that take far too long. People should be told to take some smaller goals and maybe improvise more.
Something that I feels needs to be reminded and enforced is escalation rules still apply on shuttle. It also feels like a robbery in a way. The shuttle antag who never did a thing till then gave up so much possible interact in excjange for a few minutes clumsy flailing
And of course we all should remember that the shuttle is still apart of the round, just because you aren't on the station that doesn't mean that antagy things aren't going to happen there. Kotlol touched on it but crazy shuttle rides are kinda a good classic TM, I don't think that trying to get some last minute antaging done on the shuttle is a bad thing. I think it stems from people 'wasting' their antag round being passive or not really doing much violence so they're left with a bunch of TC or random tools to cause chaos. That along with the fact that the round is about to be over so there will be no 'consequences' for getting crazy there since you can't really get brigged and you're probably going to get beat to death either way.

I also think some of it comes down to our security as well, shuttle ride doesn't mean everything is over. I've seen (and done myself before) security just sitting inside their section and talk about how terrible of a day it was meanwhile the crew section is getting entirely trashed. Unless it's something blatantly something they should step in to fix like someone going around murdering people or someone hotboxing we often just sit idle and not really react because we personally aren't effected by it.

There just seems to be a general consensus that 'oh the shuttle is here, RP is over' which is really disappointing. I think it's a great chance to strike up a last minute convo right before the round ends because everyone is right there in the same area, y'know? I'm not too sure what all we can do to fix it either, if anyone has ideas it'd be great.
The issue is trying to get out to do our job is impossible with 30 people clustering on a shambler, or an unmarked person wordlessly throwing seething tomatos or shit. I try, but if its juat chaos you at a certain point can do litte
It's the last two minutes don't take it too seriously, as long as people aren't bombing or randomly spacing/shooting, do ahelp that!
Shuttle is a grand time for the last part of the show for some antag but also for staff. As a chef I often try and prep a course for the shuttle as a final send off as it sometimes minimizes brawls and gets folks to eat the last of the grub that was made.

Sitting on a sushi bar is kinda terrifying with bullets and fights going on, So I started saying scream for sushi and instead envision everyone with grub.
I don't mind two minutes of shuttle chaos if I just finished 95 minutes of good rp. If I'm really that pressed to finish a conversation, I just stay behind instead of trying to continue it on the shuttle. The only thing that bothers me is having more than say.. about 5 or 6 people in the command area, just because it's functionally a narrow hallway with chairs and it gets frustrating to move. If it's just one staffie running in because someone left the door open though, I enjoy the conversation where I kick them out lmao
I think a huge benefit of the shuttle on RP is that if someone wants to have their big evil antag scene, it's a place where everyone sees it and is a part of it by default.
I usually just don't go on the shuttle tbh. Hard to rp on there
(01-20-2023, 05:41 AM)Cal Wrote: I usually just don't go on the shuttle tbh. Hard to rp on there

Imagine trying to RP a good worker on the way home, but you can't cause shuttle chaos.

Maybe it's time we introduce alternative ways to go back to Cent.Comm. when the shuttle is enroute XD

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