Feedback Thank you for sparing me.
A very short while ago on goon rp I was acting the maggot while playing as a ghost critter. Out of mildly drunken boredom I attacked beepskies with a space fork which attracted the hostile attention of security (obviously). This was space asshole tier behavior and my heart sank when I heard the 3 knocks on my screen.."have you been attacking secbots as a ghost critter". At this point i realised "this is it, I put my hand into the hornets nest and will now face burning wrath". I told them I did (only an idiot lies), and waited for the ban. But I was just warned to stop doing it and was simply let off with said warning, by captainbravo. 

I know how lucky I am, people get banned for lesser actions then what I did. But still, nothing like the fear of the in-game gods to remind you to never let your boredom, or drunken state violate the boundaries of the game rules.

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