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Present security culture on rp (followup)
Little late to the party here, but seeing as I'm pretty much a secmain, I feel like I could throw in.

I myself am a proponent of the "three strikes" rule, and I very clearly explain what the consequences will be. I usually consider a "strike" if it's something I would normally brig you for, or a bunch of petty issues added up. As for brigging, I find I really only have to do that every now and then. If it's arrestable, I usually will take them to interrogation and I find most players enjoy this. It gives them a chance at the spotlight, and to explain their grand reasons for doing such and such, or banter back with the officers. I'll usually consider interro time as "time served" instead of tossing them in the brig, unless they've continually resisted or fought while in there.

I completely understand the part about spectator syndrome and how an antag can feel surrounded if being caught early on. There has been a lot of new players/vet players trying sec for the first time, and most seem to try to talk and de-escalate first. While this normally works, I've also seen antags take advantage of the fact the officer has stopped to talk and use it as an opportunity to attack them. This unfortunately sometimes results in officers not taking the chance next time, and results in subduing/arresting first, then talking. You can also see the opposite from the antag's side. I'm not blaming this on any one thing, but it would help if everyone took the time for a bit more RP in some cases. I noticed Soup touched on the chat box thing, and I think all players could benefit from taking that approach.

As for contraband, I tend to agree with what Soups said. If someone is just running a silly gimmick like minor pranks and causing no real harm or damage, I might just speak to them or write a ticket, but I typically won't take it from them, but if you're running around brandishing a firearm, that's a different story. I may not even take it then, depending on how the RP goes. While rare, there have been cases when people RP it well, so I may give them a permit, but also a stern warning as to what could happen if the item is misused. (I understand this is strictly a case by case basis, and the flow of the round should really be taken into account here.)

It appears execution has been well covered, and how to deal with non-human threats and issues. My final thoughts here would be for anyone in security or just RP in general. Escalation and enabling RP is key. It will take some time, and you will probably get the rough end of it sometimes when someone wants to take advantage of you talking, but I think if this is witnessed enough times, it should go well. It's not so much about "winning" as it is about letting a story be told. A win for me is a great story that went down, regardless of who came out on top.

This is indeed a really complex issue, and I appreciate the posters in here taking the time to share their thoughts. There are some things in here that have also given me a new perspective and things to think about. Thank you!

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