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Scary Dinosaur Pajamas
Hello yes, it is I. Your resident professional village idiot. I come bearing sprites and a question for all 2 viewers of this thread.

My fellow liznerd and I really enjoy using the dinosaur costume but were disappointed that you can only have a green costume, so he sprited a bunch of colors of dinosaur costumes, along with a really cute syndicate dinosaur costume. We call them the Scary Dinosaur Pajamas. (Normal green dinosaur costume for reference)

[Image: lvupIYd.png]

As any proud parents do, we want to see our child succeed, but currently we are completely stuck as to how we would implement it. It's hard to make it space-worthy, and therefore it seems useless to add to the cairngorm. It has no right to be as great as the syndicate command armor found in surplus crates and bought at the listening post, and I worry that it conflicts with it as a bad alternative for syndicates who, as is the reason any syndicate agent goes to the listening post, would already have more than enough credits to just get the command armor anyway.

Another option would be to lighten his color palette, remove his green eyes and armored tail and slap him into a hacked security equipment vendor. It feels like a crime to rip off his tail and send him into a department known for hating fun, but if that's what it takes to see this fluffy armored boy roaming the station then so be it.

Currently the most agreed upon idea is to just make him work and put him in the game, even if it's not accessible in normal play so that maybe once every few hundred rounds a benevolent admin can look upon a prayer for one of these and bless the station with adorable hatred for Nanotrasen.

Perhaps we are biased because we play lizards mostly. Perhaps our hubris has grown too large, and we are destined to be struck down by reasonable criticism. In the end, I'm just glad he exists and can live on in all our devious lizard hearts.

tl;dr opinions on funny red armored dinosaur pjs would be appreciated :)
As I said in discord, let's not.
I'm leaning no for mostly the same reason we said no to syndicate maid outfits: there's a limit to the cutie-pie potential syndicate stuff and this is past that limit
Insted of a syndie gear cutesy... why not have a "armor padding" device that can put "armor padding" in any clothing like hidden armor?
Now you can wear any armored things.. but it's effective then actual combat gear.
I think having it in the code so admins could run it as an admeme if they want wouldn't really hurt anyone. And a nukie squad in pj's just sound absolutely hilarious. Or a spawn in battle royal crates.

But i can understand that having it regularly could be considered problematic.
i like the idea but i think it could be angled a different way. maybe some syndicate space salvage (with some kind of note joking about it like "we're the syndicate, our gear is meant to strike fear into the hearts of nanotrasen and its affiliates") but definitely not something that would be stock nukeop gear or regularly obtainable by a nukeop
I love these goofy pajamas.

PR link -

Kinda do want to be able to add armour vests to dino PJs, couldn't be any worse than stealing paramedic suits from medbay for 'fashion'

(This thread also reminds me of the time I went nukie in a hotdog outfit lol)

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