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Dreaded monkey suggestion thread (tail edition)
Since a few weeks back, having anything in your overcoat slot as a monkey now hides your tail. I'm honestly not sure if it's intentional, nobody told me and I'm too lazy to look, but if it is I at least am not a fan of it. If it isn't intentional then well, bug awareness post.

Wearing lab coats could hide your tail under the coat, that's fair. I personally don't like how it looks and miss the tail. An issue is, it's not just things that would make sense. Wearing a badge will hide your tail, so will body armor. If it's intentional then I'd suggest at least some sort of command to choose whether the tail shows with an overcoat or not.
I think an overcoat hiding your tail is not a bad thing.

But body armor not draping over the tail? A badge?! That makes no sense.

I am not sure how it works in coding though... but hiding your tail in an over coat is fine.
Then again space suits get a custom sprite for a tail hole.. so yea.

Overcoat hiding tail = fine. (Snip a tail hole?)
But badges? Heck no.
it. Is bug,
How fix..unsure. has been reported
AH, thanks for the clarification.

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