NanoTrasen's HoS Application: Lawliet Liz/Reality Intelligencer
Usual character name: Lawliet Liz, Reality Intelligencer
BYOND Username: LaundryLieutenant
Discord Username (if i am on your discord): Lieutenant#2577
Recommended by: Argughughheh[size=1][font=Whitney, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Argughughheh[/font][/size]
Goon servers I play: Goon 2 and 3

Reason for application: Promotion and Law Enforcement in the SS13.

Security experience:

When I first played as security as an assistant, I was pretty confused, and that was one of my first few rounds in SS13. Later on, I went to security, thinking I would see officers that are on the job, later did I realise, there were no officers on the shift. So I had to uphold the law by myself, thankfully, nothing bad happened that round, I went on as an officer like... A few rounds later after that, So I signed up as an officer, and went to security, that was my first time as an officer, so I didn’t know what requisition tokens were, so I managed to get through the entire round alive, with basic security tools. And another few rounds later, I realise the tokens had a use! So I first bought the SMG taser, realised that it sucked, but that was when I still didn’t know that full-auto existed, so when I found out about the full-auto mode, I had a lot of fun with it, even better with the disruptor power cell so I can use it almost whenever I want whether I am making an arrest, or trying to catch or kill a syndicate. Now, let's talk about my cooperation with other security officers. One most important thing I always use when it comes to being a security officer, or assistant, is communication. Communication plays a huge role in becoming an officer regardless whether you are dying, being beaten up, drinking coffee in the security office. Communication is very important because you or your fellow officers need to know what is currently happening, whether it is good or bad. Spotted syndicates? Use the alert button on the top left of your screen and tell your security friends on the radio! Clown lubing the hallways? Contact your security friends on the radio, just in case clown commits more unfunny and bad stuff! Always make sure to tell your security officers if something bad is happening, whether it be minor crimes or major, and whether you're a staffie or an officer.

Answer two or more of the following:

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? That one time where me and fellow officers were just minding our own businesses, until there was a transmission from CentCom that there was a "monster" near escape shuttle hallway, me and the officers went there and saw Mariah Carey! (silly Sord) And when she broke out the glass cage, THE ENTIRE STATION FREAKED OUT! And the entire round was hilarious.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. Well, when I'm in a full team, I usually communicate with them when things go south, or when I spot something unusual or bad. When I'm solo, on the other hand, usually handling situations like clown lubing floors or aggravated assault in the bar is a bit harder, considering I do not have allies apart from the captain and the AI if we have one. But at the end of the day, we'll have 2 or more officers that have handled *almost* all crimes on the station and leaving on the shuttle happily!

Answer one or more of the following questions (because it is important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What is a security gimmick that you've always wanted to run? Creating myself a Spec Ops task force designed for anti-syndicates and dealing with criminals very smoothly. space bear

Oh wait, I meant for the "Recommended by" is Argughughhehe.

Wait, the previous bans as well, I don't have any!
Been playing some more security rounds and the ones I have with Liz were more organized than most! I enjoy seeing them when they arrive on the ship and they are /quick/ to respond to an alert. (Before this application I had generally assumed that they WERE a NTSC or HoS because they do carry themselves in the game well, professionally with a sense of humor, with concern for the rules, and without bias.) I appreciate them being pretty open to talking to other departments and assistant especially, placing a good deal of value to all voices in security. Plus with their experiences securing a ship alone especially on higher pop makes them plenty prepared for a HoS role. 
Overall I think the greatest benefit is that they seem both in game and in this application open about their learning experience and especially towards helping future sec AND crew. They never seem to carry a grudge during a round or over several rounds, use an appropriate amount of aggression, and again do carry themselves ina  way that is always approachable and with professionalism (that’s appropriate for a game with well dedicated fart button). 
Tldr: yeah!!
I got a new character! His name is Operative Overlord :>
I played quite a few rounds with Lawliet in the past, and always had a pleasant experience, may that be as a fellow Security Officer, or the rare times I wasn't one. 
They're competent, communicative and know how to handle situations well.

That's a +1 from me, for sure.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to some concerns regarding your behaviour. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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