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The Leviathan & Player Artifacts
As someone who has experienced some of the horrors this station has to offer, I was wondering about a new source of such. It could coincide with normal rounds or be its own special one if it makes more sense, but I'd think living, player-controlled artifact antagonists and maybe some helpful ones could be fun. They'd have weaknesses and strengths related to brute force, temperature, radiation, think tapes, electricity, and touch. 

A good way to demonstrate this would be a short, sort-of thought-out example of a living artifact, an antagonist I'll dub the Leviathan for now. Brute attacks would only make the leviathan stronger, so this makes robusting it a terrible decision, and the normal crushing method would break the crusher unleashing a worse horror than before. Its weaknesses could be maybe things like poisons, acids, or oxygen deprivation, with a good dose of trickery. Maybe there could even be a dramatic multi-step way to kill the antagonist, the Leviathan would be made slow-moving and unable to be grabbed and thrown to balance it out.  

This is my first post here, hopefully, the idea isn't too shabby as I'm aware it could be better. And there are many more unique ideas that could just come from the living artifact one.  space bear
In the simple sense, living artifact should be possible once I finish turning artifacts into a component which we can apply to anything. Unfortunate artifacts are a horrifying spaghetti monstrosity, so this might take a while.
Which is older? Artifacts in universe or artifact code?  it's okay, he'll be up again before you know it
I've always said if I was able to code good I'd do an scp anomaly research expansion kinda thing for artsci, or just anything to do with artifacts that are more living as a new catagory. Hope someone tinkers with the idea once the code is improved.

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