Feedback Thank you!
Some time ago, I heard that positive feedback here is welcome too? Soooo, buckle up buckaroo!

Recently I excelled(?) in discussions about the Goon2 shutdown, somewhat unwanted tbh.
Not gonna lie, it brings up emotions, memory of joy, memory of regret and much more.

Point is.

Within the year I actively played Goonstation;
How to say it.

I commonly used the word 'based' to act impressed and escape further conversations.
However, to summ it up. And I'm sorry for this.
But you guys are indeed very much;


To be blunt, not sure how to sell this.
But every single interaction has been worth gold.

*me a-helping and discussing if bombing HoPs office is.... a viable option
*taking compliments due to the last incident
*getting banned because of... uhh, revenge? (Right, it was a very early me)

*actively having a dialog for some cases.
*investigating a-help repots,
*and even looking into the minor reports.

Does not even include all the joy which Admins bring to the Server.
*10k farts on a low pop server for a battle royal?
*Spawning beans to help getting up the enginee.

And all the jazz.

Some dude highlighted that ya folks are humans overall.
Yes. Very much yes! Never ever lose your charm please.


Thank you all for you effort and work.

Some good a-help memories?
*Pretty sure my 'dad' was breaking rules from the start.
Still 10/10 vamp man. Good riddance.
*Cal banned me for calling hop a bitch, lasted 24h.
Very much deserved.
*Anyone who hurts a Janitor, will be hurt by me.
**Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
**Mozard is actuall bad music.
**Never, ever hurt Tony.
**I'm blue, da bade daba....

**: Ain't no rest for the wicked!

Overall, I just want to say

Thank you.

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