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please alter the 'tinnitus' gene
tinnitus is a rather unpleasant thing to deal with in real life and i would not wish it upon anybody, and the current way it is implemented makes it so you hear a constant unending phone ringing noise. i think changing it to a softer noise would be nice because loud noises like that can actually trigger it in people which can turn an otherwise fun round of ss13 into something uncomfortable
I think Tinnitus is to be annoying because it shows how annoying having tinnitus is, but i agree, changing it wouldnt hurt anyone
I kind of like how absolutely comedically over the top and awful it is, but that's just me.
Tinnitus and yee are the two mutations i got through mildly mutated trait that driven my character into suiciding and make me nowadays plop a mutadone pill instantly when i get them. But that's just because i am kinda sensitive towards noise.

While i don't think this is really needed, i don't think it will hurt. I know i will disable ingame sound abyway whenever i get a mutation that constantly plays sound. And i doubt that will change even if volune gets or the sound softened.

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