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Mute Ghosts Button for Wraith
Everyone giving Wraiths advice mean well, but deadchat ALWAYS turns into a landslide of backseat gaming during high pop rounds. It's absolutely nutty when 10+ people are elbowing each other in chat with capslock on trying to get the Wraith's attention.

I propose a Mute Ghosts button for the Wraith so they can game in peace while they morb on the crew.
i agree with this, it can get anoying when people either salt non stop or start spamming on caps to call the wraith attention
Sounds good! I'll see what i can do once im done working on some other aspects of wraith!
In my opinion Wraith's aint suppose to see dead chat just like the AI cannot see dead chat.

Deadchat is considered OOC for RP anyway...and wraith is an IN RP charater.
Turning it on or off should be a small thing.

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