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NanoTrasen Employee Profile: Lawliet Lin
[Image: ele%20rocks%20geko.jpg?itok=VD7ThNFA]

Lawliet Liz Profile ID: 032aa6
Full name: Lawliet Leveled Liz
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Race: Saurian

Lizard History:

Lawliet Liz is a lizard that used to be a regular one, like those teeny-tiny small ones that you find crawling around in your walls, he was just wandering around earth until he was taken by the geneticists to genetically mutate him and turn him into one of them, and then he moved to the planet where the lizards usually hang out and made plenty of friends there. Despite his quiet nature, he is very kind and cares for almost anyone that he is fond of, oh right, his favorite drink is Gunfire. A few months later he's now a regular lizard person that works for NanoTrasen. Forgot to mention that he likes being pet. 

NanoTrasen Employee History:

He signed up at NanoTrasen a few months later after turning into a (big) lizard. He started off as a staff asisstant, then enlisted as a security assistant a few weeks later and got accepted, then he got promoted to security officer a few months later. You would usually see him as a scientist, Research Director, or a detective, he likes investigating or researching things since he's curious.

Introduction Log:

Geneticist: Um.. hello?

Lawliet: Hiss.. Greetingsss..

Geneticist: Ah, seems like the vocal implant worked, you should be able to speak until you stop existing, I guess!

Lawliet: Interessssting. And what am I doing here?

Geneticist: Uh, about that.. I picked you up to use you as a test subject? But it seems that this is good enough for my research.

Lawliet: I ssee, what am I sssupposssssssed to do now?

Geneticist: Well, you have three options. First one is that I could turn you back into a small lizard and release you back into the wild, or same as that but as yourself currently. For the third one, you could stay as this and work for NanoTrasen.

Lawliet: Alright, what is NanoTrasssen like?

Geneticist: Well, it's a bit hard to explain, so let's just say that you work on cool space ships and such!

Lawliet: Well, are we on a sspacessship right now?

Geneticist: Nope! We're on earth, where you originally came from.

Lawliet: I ssssee, I'll work for thiss "NanoTrasssen" of yours, let'sssss get to it.

[End of log]
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5 stars  a fancy greater domestic space-bee
I love the idea they just took a random lizard off the ground and turned it into a humanoid for literally no reason
(12-05-2022, 05:08 AM)George_Manning Wrote: I love the idea they just took a random lizard off the ground and turned it into a humanoid for literally no reason
the geneticists were bored :>

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