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NanoTrasen Employee Profile: Lawliet Liz
[Image: ele%20rocks%20geko.jpg?itok=VD7ThNFA]

Lawliet Liz Profile ID: 032aa6
Full name: Lawliet Leveled Liz
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Race: Saurian

Lizard History:

Lawliet Liz is a lizard that used to be a regular one, like those teeny-tiny small ones that you find crawling around in your walls, he was just wandering around earth until he was taken by the geneticists to genetically mutate him and turn him into one of them, and then he moved to the planet where the lizards usually hang out and made plenty of friends there. Despite his quiet nature, he is very kind and cares for almost anyone that he is fond of. A few months later he's now a regular lizard person that works for NanoTrasen. Forgot to mention that he likes being pet. 

NanoTrasen Employee History:

He signed up at NanoTrasen a few months later after turning into a (big) lizard. He started off as a staff asisstant, then enlisted as a security assistant a few weeks later and got accepted, then he got promoted to security officer a few months later. He resigned as a captain on the date of 11-16-2056 and has moved to do other jobs.
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5 stars  a fancy greater domestic space-bee

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