Dean Torad Mentor Vibe Application
Usual character name: Dean Torad, Jean Jarot
BYOND username: Bazhaar
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Bazhaar#3061
Recommended by (if applicable): Flourish, Cal
Goon servers you play: Goon 1, 3, 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

Lately I find myself happy to spend time showing someone the ropes of a job or a game mechanic. Often times I drop in just to observe while I do other things. My main interest in becoming a mentor is that I'll sometimes notice people struggling and stressing with things like setting up power while observing, and would love the opportunity to pop in and offer some guidance.

In terms of game experience, I probably started late 2020 with one of the tides and have been playing on and off ever since. During that time, I've made tons of mistakes and learned from them in the process.
  • Civilian:
    I mainly started off vibing in botany, trying to grow all the neat looking mutations I saw on the wiki. I've got a good grasp on things like splicing, plant traits, and absorbed a lot of neat tips other people taught me like slapping saltpetre into the water tank to apply it to all the trays you water. Other than that I have experience cleaning as a janitor and know how to use the cleaning tools - like how the vacuum can take in gases like miasma.
  • Medical:
    Doctoring was my probably second interest. I've learned how most of the medical chemicals work by looking up the wiki while trying to stabilize people. Picked up on things like slapping in epinephrine and antihistamine to help control bad allergies. I know the steps for the more common sugeries like appendix and limbs. Tried out robotics so I know the basics like how to assemble a borg. Not too much experience on genetics, but I plan to try it out more.
  • Engineering:
    Took another interest into engineering. Started out as QM, learning how to flip for profit. From there I branched out into mining and mechanics, and know some basics of how mechcomp and packets work. Been through a lot of the engine changes and learned from a lot of good engineers tinkering with it. I know the basics of TEG, hotspot, and singularity setup. 
  • Security:
    Tried out secass when the role opened up late last year and played secoff on and off for a good couple of months after. Learned how to format tickets, operate things like barriers, and how to properly brig prisoners by setting the timer. One neat tip I picked up is saving the security podbay password into your notes for later and opening it up yourself from the outside. 

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None, to my knowledge.
as glowing a +1 as I can give. bazhaar is consistently kind, informative, and open to interacting with new people. was very patient and helpful way back when I was first learning mining and engineering, and I deeply respect how they have continued to maintain that same level of inclusivity with any given player even to the present
yes, ean taro was one of my foremost mentors on the TEG post-atmos redesign, and I know that most other frequent engineers were more than happy to admit their success in the department developed because of bazhaar's characters and guidance.

sends out good vibes as dean. Hearty recommendation for all the years you've been teaching and propelling a positive approach to the game.
Bazhaar is an incredibly kind, positive, and welcoming presence in every department they play in. I've seen them help people in all areas especially security and engineering, and they've always done so with an amazing attitude and inclusiveness. I trust they wouldn't abuse the tools given to mentors and would be a huge benefit to the team.
Bazhaar has been a consistent welcoming and knowledgeable player ever since my first days here on Goon. When I was just getting started out in learning engineering, En Taro was a wonderful and patient teacher when I explained I wasn't ready to set up a generator by myself. When I was a newer bartender, Jean sought me out at the bar on a slow shift and created some wonderful RP just by reading my flavor text! Sadly while we haven't been together online much recently, (timezone differences) it's always a pleasure to have Jean/Dean on the security team. They've always been inclusive and welcoming, and I have witnessed them offering guidance and advice to newer security members.

In addition to the above, a positive and patient attitude is always displayed, and I believe Bazhaar would only enhance the community in this role. Strong +1!
A delightfully friendly, knowledgeable and open player. I have seen them helping people numerous times and in multiple different subjects. two thumbs directed upstyle

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