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MarkNstein's thoughts on character-creation and antag-behaviour in SS13
Oh man, I love talking about these topics. I always plan to fail. As an antagonist I like to mostly just be on the run and make meaningful fuckups that eventually get me caught or in deeper goofy shit.

I have more fun when it’s a fun screw up
(11-24-2022, 02:43 AM)arcticmog Wrote:
(11-14-2022, 07:03 PM)MarkNstein Wrote:
  • Trying to make a persistent character-trope that leads to antagonistic behavior is harder (but not impossible). "I'm an evil mob-boss sweet old granny, unless I'm not-antag then I'm a mob-boss on vacation" is not-great. "I'm secretly a syndicate operative" everyone might be, we have an event that triggers that, you need not write that. Trauma also isn't a good excuse "when I'm evil it's because my parents died, so some rounds I'm evil for it" is bad.

I got around this issue by writing Selna as being a brand of clones, each Selna being a modified individual more suited to the role, be it doctor, or Chief engineer or the shy/somewhat cowardly staff assistant Selna. This also means she is a different character depending on the role although sharing some common traits. 

The real o.g Selna works for the syndicate and specifically joined it (particularly, wafflecoinc) to get revenge against NT as she was turned into this brand of clones without permission, the peak canon depiction of her is a nuke op (commander ideally) but since most syndicate versions of her appear in RP, its as a lone operative/spy, still somewhat reflecting her role (doctor antagonist Selna is usually still a follower of the hypocratic oath, so far far less likely to attempt murder). She views her clone siblings as essentially being mind hacked thralls of NT and wants to free them vaguely.

I did the same with "SELENA" Selna is just Selena without an E. But yea.. this helps alot, though I break this convention lately more to go for a more goofier assembly.
By now my clone count is at 11 :P

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