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Remove spy/arcfiend only rounds
my issue with arcfiend is still that they feel too loose and vague. I still heavily wish that arcfiend had a set of goals, I based these off the space ninja which is arcfriends TG descendant

Create an overcharge on one APC causing it to explode in a large radius, they can only use this ability once, and takes 15 seconds, and would be super loud and send lightening everywhere, this could only be done on the APC that was assigned to them at round start, and the APC would always be a prominent and dangerous one (brig, Armory, Bridge, Captains Room, MD's office, etc) It would inform the AI its happening.

Emag One Borg. This would be a power they could only use once, and it wouldn't fully emag it, it would just give them a law to 'serve the arcfriend' and no other other laws. attempts to link them to another law rack would cause the equivilant of a heart stopper jolt.

Destroy X number of doors Give the arcfiend an upgraded Discharge that emags doors.

Destroy the stations Credit Balance Requires them to place their hand on a budget computer. Takes 15-30 seconds. Alerts the ai. Upon completion blows up the computer and zeros out all accounts and all balances, leaving the station without credits.

Delete All Security/Medical records: as above.

Flag everyone for arrest: As above, upon completion emags all securitrons and guard buddies and flags all station staff for arrest, done on the securiy announcement computer.

Change the stations Course: Hand placed on the communications console, takes 30-40 seconds to complete. Causes a random event antagonist to spawn, could be anything! likely something more dangerous then an arcfiend.

Infect the AI Requires 1 straight minute contact with the AI. Upon completion makes the AI no longer bound to any law rack, giving them only the law of "Serve the arcfiend"

Short out the Cloner: 20 seconds, erases the clone recoreds and causes the consol to explode

Short out the Mainframe 30 seconds contact with the mainframe server, causes any attempt to access thinkdoss or dwaine to be electrocuted without protection

short out the robotics control: 60 seconds, places all borgs on lockdown for 2 minutes, explodes the console

Arcfiends could start with 2-5 of these every round, getting the appropriate power as necessary.
I wish players would realize objectives and greentext literally do not matter. I see all the time players focusing on them a ton. Acting like its the rule that only they can work towards.

I understand on a lot of other servers antag objectives are not optional. Might be confusing here, but this in my opinion is partially a symptom of arcfiends and spies.

Arcfiends for one encourage you to just suck power and hide when the antag itself is incredibly suited for pretty loud play.
tthat wasn't for greentexting. it was for creating unique loud situations the acrcfiend could do, changing variably per arcfriend
spy thief in my eyes is too feast or famine which is boring, and arcfiend is pure famine because you're just a shittier vampire that drains electricity. bleh indeed.
It’s not like I don’t like spief or arcfiends but honestly…. Rounds of only them are a Sludge to get through. The highlight of a spief round generally feels like when they inevitably steal the cloner while the arcfiend highlight is… chasing them? Maybe it’s bc I play rp near exclusively but they exist in the background. 
Having a regular traitor tossed in would probably help to some degree, if at least to break the trend of spiefs existing in the background with nothing else happening.

Personally with arcfiends I think Silent’s suggestion would be beneficial. Arcfiends generally have a loop of drain apc, run, chase, again from my own experiences with them. Giving them another mission or option to reign them in would probably help with escalation, more interesting rounds, or at least giving them more to do by giving them idea that’s beyond
Funny electric creatura

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