Complaint Cal, RP Server 3: Morty, 14.11 around 7:20pm (GMT+1)
Admin: Cal

Server: RP Server 3: Morty
Date+ Time: 14.11.2022 Around 7:20pm (GMT+1)
Synopsis: Ive received a permanent ban on the Server for using a word "Lynch" in conext as to lynch someone, and for stating that I dont like cops (referring to the security). My previous ban was 24h and was received for saying "gonna stab a bitch" which is understandable, although I thought relation to the gif popular a few years back would make it seen as harmless, which it was supposed to be. So first of all, since when "lynch" is seen as a word that is harmfull? Im sure that if Ive written "lets hung this guy" no ban would be given. As to provide the meaning of lynch I know and use, here`s a link, I dont know maybe there is some darker side to it that I just never heard about. ( About "comparing" on station security to cops, like... really? Even if this is an offence I see no reason why should it be a bannable one. Its just silly to deduct that someone calling an ingame policing force- cops is making comparisons to real world. And about me saying that I dislike security. Dont my character have full right to rp as if he just dont like them? I wasnt calling them slurs, I wasnt just running by, throwing whatever at them. Its understandable in real world to not be a fan of police why is to be harmfull on rp server? I just dont see logical reason for this ban to be permanent. There is lots of bigger offences that indeed deserve this type of punishment. Using word "lynch", calling security cops, and saying you dont like security in genera, it simply does not compute. I think that either the admin is on a little power trip, or he`s simply promoting his personal world view by making such decisions.

Extra information: I didnt make this an appeal because of the general rule to not appeal perm-bans if they were given less then a month ago, but in this case, I just dont think the ban this long was even justified in the first place. So if the general server Staff find my appeal agreeable, I would ask for my ban to be re-done with a logical time of punishment.

Sincerely Perun, and yes Im bored again.

I would quickly like to add the information that I dont exactly remember my characters name, since I have them set to be random each round for better immersion.

I would like to quickly note that I dont exactly remember my name, I have randomized names checked for immersion. Didnt exactly expected to ever have a need to remember one.
Mate I aint from US, you ban everyone for not knowing things about USA in XX century? I mean alright it makes sense now, that it is offensive, but how is like 80% of the world suppose to know? Especially since this isnt exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a slur nor is it listed in the rules.
I'm boggled you think it's okay to have a chip on your shoulder towards people playing a corporate security officer. There is a player behind the character and you throwing vitriol at them such as - let's take out the history behind the word lynch here - STILL says "We should hang this security officer by the neck until dead."

The Rules Wrote:Play a coherent, believable character. Playing a violent or racist character is not allowed.

I'm not pushing 'my worldview' on you. I'm judging your comments based on the fact that you were ahelped for making people uncomfortable and have in the past made other shitty comments (such as rape jokes).

Your statement wasn't taken in a vacuum. My mistake here was not talking to you first. I was considering lowering the ban, but your comments here made me realize we would have ended up banning you anyways.

You can appeal in 2023.
About the rape joke (there was only one) you have brought back now, I`d explain the context a bit if you dont mind. What have occured is I found a chaplain with a naked man in the confession booth with the table in the middle removed. So passing by the cafeteria I just said "I think the Chaplain is Raping somebody" And went on my marry way. I havent read the rules back then ( a mistake which I have fixed after that warning), it wasnt a rape joke in any gross manner rather a humoric refference to what Ive seen on the server. I do admit to it, I do not feel good about breaking the rules cause of it, and I believe warning was completely justified, just to clear this up. About the situation with the officer it too had its context, he has misidentified one of the crewmates, mistakanely calling him a women, which led to the said crewmate becomming rather anxious, so I just rather jokingly said "I think we should lynch him" I cant force you to believe it was a joke. But you can easily take an educated guess by my further actions. Did I tried to rally people to go and for real lynch the Security Officer? No. Did I go on to use any violence upon the Security Officer? Again no. I literally dropped the subject completely, because I never meant to follow the words. You cant tell me that death jokes are uncommon. And about the said chip on the shoulder, I dont -always- go acting like I generally dislike the Security, I`d say its rather rare for me to do that. I even played as security a few times. I dont at all have any bad blood against them outside the computer and inside it, its just "Do I feel like playing someone who dont like security this round?" If everyone on the server always liked everyone else, this 1. would be a very boring server 2. wouldnt be an accurate rp server. Also apologies making people uncomfortable? I didnt seen this as a bannable offence on the rules? There`s tons of people going through Goonstation daily, if everyone who made someone uncomfortable should be banned you would have half the number of players in total if not less. Fact of this being my 3rd time being punished for breaking rule 4 is correct but and for the first 2 times I do feel sorry and apologies, but it still does not in any logic justifies getting a perm ban for what happened today. Best sign of the fact this is a decision on very thin ice is the fact that as you stated yourself "I was considering lowering the ban", also if me trying to keep playing on the server I enjoy is what creates your opinion about the in-game behaviour, and if this gives you basis to judge me as a whole that means you arent exactly most impartial.

I would very much like to appeal before 2023.
As an impartial admin, having read this thread and your arguments: do not appeal your ban before 2023.

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