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Blob Symbiotes - New Ability
Preface: I know this would be a pretty big buff for blob, but I think it would make it a lot more fun and interesting for players too. In exchange for this potentially being added, I would be perfectly fine and expect for blobs to get nerfed in other ways to make up for it. I just think this will add to the fun value.

Let me introduce to you, the Blob Symbiote! Did you ever wonder what happened to people who get eaten by a blob. (It's a lie, they don't just get rotten. Shhh.) Well, I am thinking we give blob a new ability. It can find an eaten/drained body inside of its mass, and spend like, X amount of biopoints to begin to 'resurrect' it into a symbiote.

What is a symbiote? Essentially a reanimated blob slave minion. Imagine a skeleton moving around on its own inside of the blobs tiles. It can only live inside of blob tiles, it can't really use items, being mostly jelly, but it has some neat abilities and can also talk to the crew, just for fun. If it's knocked out of the blob. (By the tile it is inside being killed/broken. It will start rapidly taking damage and probably melt unless it crawls back into the blob.) What abilities does it have?

A bunch of fun things just to help the blob. Somewhat like kudzu people, it can help it grow, and to help it move around. It can heal blob tiles a little bit, and it can attack people and try to pull them in to join the Blob-Brain. Maybe it can even spit blob goop at people like the turrets! If the blob symbiote dies, the body dissolves completely, it can't be revived again. I'd imagine they also wouldn't move very fast.


Basically I think antags that help players continue to play the game and continue onwards with it all is a good thing. Would this be a heavy buff to blob? Probably, would it be fun? I think so. It would make blob more of a team excercise if we nerf some of blobs main abilities, but - especially with me recently suggesting blob rounds prevent shuttle calls from cutting it short, it'd be nice to let ghosts back into the round.
I really like this idea, getting people back on a high action round like blob seems like a good thing
Im always down for new ways of keeping players in the game
This kind of feels like the exact niche flick fills tho
(11-14-2022, 07:27 AM)George_Manning Wrote: This kind of feels like the exact niche flick fills tho

I think having them being able to do little more than attack would keep them far away enough from flock to be unique, also i think having them quickly die off blob would work well
(11-14-2022, 07:27 AM)George_Manning Wrote: This kind of feels like the exact niche flick fills tho

In my opinion I think this is more like a nice little bonus for eating actual people than a real gameplay mechanic the entire gamemode is played around. The little blob fellas wouldn't be super strong, and it'd just give players who get eaten a little something to do, and generally make the gamemode a bit more fun and engaging overall. It'd still mostly rely on the blob themselves.

But now there's more of a use for the blob chat and people who die actually fighting it can be a little helper.

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