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NT Employee Registry: Snart Reginald Blast
New registry entry created.

[Image: 457566_OjqyoQfJ.png]

[Employee Name] Snekrav Reginald Bahlistic

[Biogical Scan] 23 Y/O, DoB #UNKWN_VALUE# - Biological #UNKNWN_VALUE# Male

[Biological Relatives] ▒░▒▓▌│█ ║▌║▌░▒║█│#UNKWN_VALUE##DATA_CORRUPTED#¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿###

[Cloning Data] #⚠ Employee cannot be cloned. Reason: "missing a soul?? soulless.."#

[Identity] Snart Reginald Blast - He/They/It - Bisexual

[Mental Stability] Unstable #⚠ Employee exhibits behaviors of permanent space madness - monitoring advised#

[Religion] #UNKWN_VALUE#

[Misc] 1:Employee claims to once be a Saurian upon arrival. Investigation results determined this statement is true. 2:...My god, this man can swallow a human heart WHOLE. Freaky shit. 3:He eats organs in general. 4:#DATA_OMMITTED# 5:If this guy really is ol yellow dude's kid, he sure wasted his talent on some powerless nervous thing. Why would he even create this clutz??

Snart Blast is a voidling with a kind heart and no soul whatsoever.

Originating from the Void in a way, Snart is what one would call "kingspawn", being offspring of the King in Yellow (although he thinks it's embarrassing to call the king 'father' or 'dad' and calls him his 'creator'.) He originally had no idea about his origins and with help from Ianis, gained knowledge of himself via the Obsidian Crown. He now seeks answers or signs of his "father" really being what he been told. He almost doubts the Crown at times...

Snart arrived by a malfunction in time and space produced by the Void - A ripple just so happened to form by a cryogenic station - and in turn, a new conscious existence was born from nothing.

Prior to this malfunction, Snart lived within the Void, however not as a conscious physical being.

When Snart arrived, he didn't know his name. He had bits and pieces of basic memory. One of these scattered thoughts was a name that he couldn't comprehend and chose the closest thing he could think of. He enjoys the name Snart, and thinks his real name is 'stupid'.

He knew he was a Nanotrasen employee - but what he was doing on the station was a mystery. His card said he was a research assistant... And that's where he began his life.

Snart now enjoys spending his time doing robotics, putting together borgs, doing surgeries, and eating removed or discarded human hearts. (After modifying himself to be human, he still has a few of his Saurian instincts, such as hissing, eating organs, and sometimes trying to swish his tail.)

Snart currently has friends where he works. Felix Walcott, Deckard Lichen, and a few mimes are some he considers close to him. He particularly enjoys the company of Speedball the Quiet, a mime with silly antics but a generally caring disposition, and Dimitri Samuel, a janitor who he met through another friend. His romantic interest is Crow Syndyson, a blue-haired man he met while doing science alongside he and Deckard. He has confessed to Crow on two occasions.

During his time at the space station, it is apparent he has acquired permanent space madness, a longterm form of space madness that is triggered during times of extreme stress or irritability. This space madness was brought on by a time he got rabies. After he was cured of his rabies, he began having nightmares and visions of the Crown and sought it out multiple until he wore it... The madness stayed, but only now acts up when stressed. (Strangely enough, being in the Void causes him to rapidly become less sane, requiring him to bring antipsychotics on Void explorations.)

During a space madness episode, he cannot recognize people, even friends. This makes him violent and/or scared - He will use any tools around him he can find to defend himself and cause harm if intended. He almost seems to enjoy hurting others when he's frenzied...

Snart has also developed a nervous stutter due to his obvious anxiety and nervousness. After a few bad experiences, he prefers to stay selectively mute to avoid stuttering, but will begin shouting if he feels he needs to or is spiralling. If desperate enough he will speak to people he's close to and no one else. However, some convincing could coax him out of his shell (he is easy fooled and somewhat gullible.)

According to some, he is an excellent surgeon and doctor - to some he is a fool who takes too long to work and makes mistakes often.


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