Complaint Angel - Discord - 10/31/2022 at 12:00am-12:30am EST
Admin: Angel

Server: Discord
Date + time: Somewhere between 12:00am EST and 12:30am EST on 10/31/2022
Synopsis: Was complaining about a hos' actions, same as I would for any other player, in discord, admin told me to knock it off but had already said 3 messages before I saw it. Then I replied "oh" to signify that I read it and quickly attempted to delete my messages to further demonstrate the "knocking it off" action. Gets muted/timed out for one hour anyways.
Extra information: Not only was the mute unnecessary, as I did stop immediately when I saw the message and furthermore tried to erase my messages, but it was unnecessary to make it one hour.
hi, just wanted to throw some relevant info in

before angel stepped in, i and a couple other users were actively asking you to drop it because it was uncomfortable seeing you name drop and insult someone repeatedly. we voiced this along with suggestions on alternate ways to handle it, but you continued to rant about them until angel was able to diffuse the situation
Not sure what you're complaining about here, or what feedback you're giving.

Looks like you got rightfully muted for continuing to loudly complain about another player after being warned to stop, and being asked by other players to stop.

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