Feedback A thank-you letter to the goonstation team
Admin: All of them, developers too :)

Server: All of them too!

I apologise if this isn't going to be the usual type of feedback you see here. But, I think it's time that someone said something.

I want to say a very, very big THANK YOU!

To all past, present, and future admins, developers, mentors and Wire. And of course, players too.

I've hit, or I'm coming up to, my 2 year anniversery of playing on goonstation. And I want to say, that this community is wonderful. I've had so many incredible experiences here, and I keep coming back to space even if I take breaks here and there. Goonstation is really the one station that I feel actually has a supportive community. Sure you can get the occasional meanie here and there, but overall I feel more comfortable talking about my hobbies and such, without feeling persecuted or shunned for it.

And, who's primarily responsible for this good vibe?

All the Goon team.

This isn't a post for my talk about the community. It's a post about the team.

I want to extend a full on thank you to the hard working admins of goon. It's most definitely a thankless job, and the bullshit all of you have to deal with is definitely going to be frustrating, annoying, and emotionally draining. And what for? For keeping us, as players, happy. To keep our community happy. To make sure that in-game rounds, or the goon discord, isn't spoiled by people who don't like to play ball with the rules. The space-god role isn't one that many appreciate, or even think of much at all. Many would play their rounds and have fun, never thinking about the work needed to keep that fun, happy atmosphere. To stop it being bloated with griefers, racists, all the shitty rule-breaking behaviour that seems to be attracted to space. 

Every single admin is the buffer zone between toxicity, griefing, and general misery that other people could bring. They soak up all that negativity whether it be through someone screaming death threats and insults, someone being racist or sexist, or some random dude blowing up the entire round and ruining everyones time. And of course, having to go through the mind-meltingly moronic ban appeals and admin complaints that shitters make. Back when ban appeals were publically available, it was always the most mind-numbingly stupid stuff you could imagine for appeals. And a lot of complaints, too!

So, thank you. Thank you admins for putting your mental sanity at risk for us players. Thank you for all the work you do, the fun you bring. Take in-game events. I always see people talking about how much of a blast they were, how much fun they had. You're all incredible. And you all deserve a lot more praise, appreciation and compliments.

You are all incredible. You're wonderful, awesome, amazing and utterly outstanding. Thank you so much.

I'd also like to thank every developer for the work that they do. Bringing in awesome new mechanics, changing around things so they aren't clunky or buggy. For wrangling the absolute debris that is SS13 code, shaping and carving it into SOMETHING that runs, somehow. That must always be a daily struggle, and my mind is too small to understand all the work and effort needed to keep that ship from sinking. Thank you all too, for shaping and creating the game that we play and make memories on.

Thanks for reading. I apologise if this isn't really the sort of feedback that's allowed in this area. But I wanted to do it, anyway.

And, as a quick note, rest in peace, ferret. I'll miss ya'. You were always the best ferret.
Hey thanks! I appreciate the kind words. For clarification yeah positive feedback is totally fine to post here!

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