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Cryokinetic antag role
I want a role dedicated to the cryokinesis power why only have  one?

You are a cryokinetic

You can manipulate ice at will

Cold resistance: you cannot be frozen or get frostbite

Cryokinesis (prime): Your cryokinesis is way more powerful than the normal cryokinesis in genetics
You can freeze pools people or walls it will frostbite them a bit but if you do that to a wall the wall will become weak and easier to break while a door will be hard to break as ice if you aim for floor the nearest things will freeze

Ice wall: Create an icewall that can be used for covering yourself people can still see through the ice 
is weak but can stop minimum 5 bullets 

Ice spike: make a spike made of ice this will make some brute damage to your enemy and cause some bleeding and frostbite

Ice spawn: create a ice spider the more it lives the bigger the ice spider becomes


Fire: this will melt your stuff and weaken you
Water: this will slowly melt you but you can also do some damage to an aquakinetic

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