Complaint Thanks Adhara for spawning 8 unkillable antags on goon1.
Title: Today at around 10-11 PM (GTM+5), Adhara joins to goon1, spawns 8 AI blobs in sec and lets them kill literally everyone.Cool.

Admin: Adhara in space
Server: Main server, goon1
Date + time: 17.10, 10-11 PM (GTM+5)
Synopsis: So, shift starts, basically nothing unusual was happening. I was also antag and planning to do lot of stuff. Suddendly, there is a centcom announcement saying something spooky will happen because of admins. Okay, may not be that bad. Then Adhara spawns 8 AI blobs in security that killed all secoffs in there, forcing a VERY early shuttle call. I decide not to fight blob as it will probably kill me. I get on shuttle after some time with rogue borgs and wraith critters, hopining for something near hijack. And wow. Admin spawns the blobs in the middle of the shuttle and it ends up killing everyone. Had much fun getting shift cut short and then killed because of admin spawned unkillable antag on shuttle, thanks a lot.
Some time after shift ended, Adhara writes in OOC that they didnt expect 8 blobs to kill everyone near them. Might be a bad joke, might be just an apology. People in ooc weren't so happy as well.
Logs: None
Extra information: don't have any extras to add
This post is not relevant to the thread's topic and has been removed. If there is an issue with the game, please report it with the bug report button in game.
This post was not relevant to the thread's topic and has been removed.
Hey so I spawned some blobs like 30 minutes into a round. They spread out more than I thought, so security got immediately overwhelmed and I called the shuttle. I put a few more blobs on the shuttle because I thought it would be funny. Other people seemed to enjoy the sudden chaos of the blobs and this took place late enough in that I do not feel that I ruined the round though. It was kinda early, but admins screwing with a round is common and most rounds don't tend to go much longer than 50 or 60 minutes.

I understand that it sucks when your antagonist round was cut short, since they are fairly infrequent. My apology in the round was genuine. The blob came out of nowhere and killed most of the security officers so I felt bad.

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