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farewell bombini
Bombini has closed down,

I might've not been there the longest, but I've played it exclusively for around 11 months, for somewhere around 1300 hours
in that time I've had many experiences that would've not been possible on any other server, and met many good (and less good) people that I would've never met had it not been for goon2

It was on bombini that I learned to play the piano (sorta), learned how to set up the engine (sorta), learned how to properly treat cardiac problems, learned how medicine and healing works, learned how silicon laws work, did every single azone, destroyed my first nuke, destroyed my second nuke, destroyed my third nuke, destroyed my first microwave, repaired my first microwave, played my first captain shift, learned how to hide from rampagers, learned to make fibrilith sterile masks, learned how to make bespoke pizza spacesuits, learned how to raise chickens, learned how to raise scorpions, earned my purple beret, earned my multicolored beret, learned that c was the hotkey to use an item inhand (after 5 months of not knowing (what a stupid fool i was), learned how computers work, learned how printers work, learned how to tell the goon1 nerds that they stank using the commaster computer, learned how to learn new players how to play janitor, founded the nanotrasen times, unfounded the nanotrasen times, et cetera et cetera...

and it shall forever hold a special part in the memory room of my heart for these many, many reasons

farewell bombini, maybe you'll be back someday, but in a non crappy way

Now, if you'll excuse me, i gotta go find another station to clean.... Spring Cleaning
It was on Bombini that I learned pretty much everything I know. I learned about how materials work, about the old neutronium recipe, about how to turn on the TEG, about how you can slide over mop carts, about how easy being a good captain is, about how you can convince admins to do Battle Royale rounds by telling everyone to fart 10k times, it has been a great learning experience, and ultimately made Winston Mercado. Goon4 will probably be my next ground, but nothing will replace everything I had on G2.

See you, Space Bee. Sleeping bee
It was such a fun server, the rounds may have gone on a little too long, and apparently, the devs didn't like the numbers it was pulling, but that was part of the charm. Goon 1 just feels so bloated in comparison. I don't want a server with 100 people on it where I'm stuck as a gray tider every round.

I remember playing radio host and inviting all the monsters on the station over for interviews, just to be raided by sec. We had 2 vampires, a werewolf, and I think a ling if I remember right just hanging out listening to music. You know until we got flashbanged into the stone age for trying to have a neutral ground for monsters.

I remember giving out lazer eyes and hulk gene for free as a gene bro just because people asked, and freezing the halls to make the same sec officer trip every time he walked the halls while I hid in a bush.

I remember making gin and sonics for the whole station just to be rammed by a suped-up shuttle because some guy going through withdrawals told him I had drugs in the bar.

And I remember seeing the same 20 to 30 people hop on the same server night after night when I got off of work to goof around for a few hours while we all chatted like we had known each other for years. It was the best part of SS13 for me. It was fun and I'll miss it
(10-16-2022, 10:04 AM)Caio029 Wrote:  about how you can convince admins to do Battle Royale rounds by telling everyone to fart 10k times

Now THAT was a round. I remember that one fondly.
Well. May my endless days of packet nerdery and AZone exploration rest in peace.
I haven’t played on Goon2 very much so I don’t have too many memories. However, I do remember a round where there were I was playing as an AI shell and there were only 2 people who managed to get to the shuttle. The 2 survivors got in a fight and somehow managed to both kill each other, leaving me, a robot in a cardboard box, as the only thing left on the shuttle.
(10-17-2022, 05:56 AM)George_Manning Wrote:
(10-16-2022, 10:04 AM)Caio029 Wrote:  about how you can convince admins to do Battle Royale rounds by telling everyone to fart 10k times

Now THAT was a round. I remember that one fondly.

Oshan man round too. Very, veeeeery close to the 10k at round-end. 
But yees, that was one to remember for sure o7
more like gonebini
You are a legendary hero. You bravely put an end to bonbini.

It was inevitable.
The Bombini that was closed down was no where near the Bombini that I played over a year ago. I was a regular player on Bombini for a good few months before Pugs were added, that is when I made my switch to the RP servers.

I will always treasure the memories I made on Bombini, I won't ever forget those moments. I had so much fun there. Like when Grifflez howtizered me in the bridge because I was sending "uwu" messages to 1. I learned a lot on Bombini, I branched out, learned other jobs and had fun playing there.

After I got HoS, I decided to pay Bombini a visit a few times. It wasn't the same, it was heartbreaking honestly. It felt like being dragged through mud when I would play on it. I'm sad it's gone, but I do agree with the Admins that Bombini that it was failing to provide the player experience they want it to have. I hope with time that maybe Bombini can come back and it won't be like it was when it closed down.
Excited to see the amount of chaos on heisenbee playing on maps designed for populations 40-50 heads lower.
(10-18-2022, 01:43 AM)Zamujasa Wrote: more like gonebini

Thus spake Zamujasa
you know i had nothing to do with it, when i take down a server i do it with a huge explosion crossarms

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