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How do you mine erbite without blowing up?
do you need a specific tool or a specifice ore-infusion to mine it? every time i try at least one miner ends up in genetics lmao
you need strong tools like a bohrum pickaxe
What Lucky says. You need good armor and the right tools. Try using mining tool device.
You don't.

If you scan an erebite asteroid you will see some veins have a red exclamation mark on them. Theses are unstable.

Power tools will cause unstable erebite veins to explode. But you can still gather the ore afterward. Unless you cause a chain reaction, where subsequent explosions will detonate the dropped ore. But if you are quick and a bit reckless you can attempt to grab the dropped ore between explosions. I hope you are wearing an indus suit.

Custom made tools don't cause unstable veins to explode, but also don't mine them. So you can clear an erebite asteroid with a custom tool and then work at the unstable veins with a power tool.
You can use a normal pickaxe, but the rads will make quick work of you without the industrial armor. Some don’t explode when you hit them, that’s when you run away because they explode and drop the ore instead of dropping the ore immediately. That’s also why it’s a good idea to mine out all the regular rock first, so you can run away really fast.

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