Mentor Application - Chatauscours (Alex Wilo)
Usual character name: Alex Wilo
BYOND username: Chatauscours
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Chatauscours#3532
Recommended by (if applicable): None
Goon servers you play: Goon 3 and 4 mainly, hop on 1 once in a while

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
The main reason for my application is that I just like to help people, both in game and in the discord, and that becoming a mentor would let me help people when they need it the most, and by that I mean in game when nobody else is around to help them or when they are too uncomfortable of asking people in person.

I have started playing on Goon around a year ago and instantly fell in love with the game. My first rounds were as a doctor, which is a job I love to this day and play quite often. From saving desperate cases while shouting "CLEAR!" before deffibing, to doing clown surgery or doing random health checkups with penlights and stethoscopes, I find the doctor to be a good starting job, where I love to teach new doctors, and a fantastic job to RP as.
Then I have one day I tried bartendering and cooking, which led to a lot of fun chats, and opened to me the great world of chemistry ang, which made me do some good cocktails, or even deadly cocktails as an antagonist, which led to even more fun shenanigans.
And doing crime let me interact with security, which I soon after tried, and absolutely fell in love with. From going around and chatting with the crew, to doing intense chases and shootouts with heavily armed antagonists, I found it to be the job the most adapted to myself. It is the job where I shine, knowing all of the inside outs of crime and how to fight it, as well as how to make a desperate round fun for all parties included. This is the job where I enjoy teaching new people the most, due to the amount of interesting mechanics there is to learn, ranging from the barrier deflect to the printing option on the forensic scanner, and it is the job that I play the most today.
In engineering, I love building things as a mechanic, that will usually include packet hacking and volunteers found in the process of building the thing. And while I can only make the TEG run so well, still to a decent level though, I absolutely love the singularity and making it reach dimensions over 20 by 20 in size, and usually taking a good chuck of engineering with it.
On the other side, I absolutely love QM and mining, and teaching people how to QM and mine, with the great amount of strategies on how to make a lot of money through them and achieve the golden floored department or any other genius idea that comes in mind.
Civilian jobs like botany, cooking and janitorial are something I enjoy as well, with its great RP potential and high learning ceiling, especially in ranching with all the chickens that we can make, and the fun we can have with, now, a second rancher to break space and time with.

To sum it up, I believe I have experience in all roles, somewhere more somewhere less, and I enjoy learning things in roles where I know less, and teaching other people in roles where I know more. My main goal is, and will always remain, to make Goon a better place, both for the old folk and the new one.
Thank you for your attention, and stay safe.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Chatauscours is patient and level headed. Easily approachable and clearly enjoys enabling others. He likes to explain and teach, and already mentors and guides, in and out of character. I cannot imagine a reason why he'd not be a wonderful addition.
I never had a negative experience when playing with Alex, and I know that they have a good knowledge about the game and its mechanics and are always willing to share it with others. I'm fairly sure that they would make a fine mentor.
trying to think of how to phrase it. individual incidents aside, my experience from last app of being walked out on when trying to talk still holds for me. noticed in observing rounds, tendency to give attention to others on the whitelist, but ignore or outright leave conversations with others in "lesser" roles; particularly a habit of horsing around and doing one on one RP with ntsos and sometimes captains while the rest of the team needs help or is left kind of in the dark. I dont think you mean ill by this in particular. but I've noticed it a number of times.

I concede next thing is just from forums and in-game, so maybe discord looks very different, but sometimes see posturing as "above" or having a more valid opinion because of being whitelisted/only playing hos. I've been concerned about that attitude with others in past and generally have seen what happens is it emboldens once additional whitelist perms are given. trepid about idea of additional perms here, neutral overall
Always had positive experiences with chat in the past, they always seem willing to help new security and new players as HOS, and a very good representative of the community when talking in discord!

+1, I think they'll do great!
Played with them in security many times, great HoS. They deserve to be a mentor.
Chatauscours has always been cheerful and patient, someone I always looked up to since my proper adventure with goon began around may. Always ready to train and help, he taught me most of the security knowledge I hold today. Every shift and interaction with him has been pleasant.

Based off the amount of help he offered to others both in game and OOC on discord, He absolutely deserves a spot on the mentor team.
Major +1 here.

Alex is one of the best players I've seen in a while. Cool, calm, friendly and helpful. I've seen him in a whole host of jobs and roles, and never have I seen a single negative thing. If I see Alex Wilo in a match, I end up smiling because I know I'll have a friendly face to fall back on if I need it.

Alex would make a wonderful mentor, and would hopefully bring that smile to others too!
I have to go yeah! Here. 
Major +1
Chatauscours has been nothing but patient and kind to me across all games I’ve played regardless of character. When I first started goon they took the time to walk me through how to play security from secmate to barriers, to even assigning me someone to shadow. They didn’t have to go all out their way, and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but they did and I am so so appreciative for that. 
It’s more than just showing me the ropes, they made me feel welcome in a game I’ve never played before and was nervous to play. Genuinely they might be why I play goon so much now! 
Out side of that role, they’re just pleasant. I’ve had a few rounds of seeing them go into Medical, ask for help never step out of their lane, rp with us and still make it back to their game job to ensure it didn’t fall apart. They also have medical a few tidbits of extra info and training when they were doctor the rounds i saw them as one.

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