Feedback cal (Discord), Goonstation 1, 10/11/22
Admin: cal (Discord).

Server: Goonstation 1

Date + Time: 10/11/22, I'm unsure about the time see the synopsis.

Synopsis: To put it briefly, I believe I was accidently banned. I just attempted to log in at 7:40pm MST, and had a message claiming I was banned for 2 hours due to sexual content.

Logs: This is the message that appeared:
"Reason: "grug want hot sex with yellow haired girl" Don't say things like this on our servers. Sexual content is completely unacceptable. Please review our rules, specifically 4:
Banned By: cal (Discord)
This ban applies to all servers.
(This ban will be automatically removed in 2 Hours.)."

Extra Information:  The ban mentions a name I've never RP'd as, and also doesn't match any behavior I've displayed in game. I've only RP'd as Bill Dundas over the last 2 days, and a check of my personal logs can help prove that.
Please make a ban appeal for this. You got caught in someone else's ban (likely due to an IP conflict).

This section of the forums is for feedback, not appeals.

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