Complaint Bombini playtesting -- keep it somewhat limited please.
Look, I'm not totally sure what exactly happened there and the reason why.

But joining Goon2 today way rather a shitshow... compared to the normal one that is.

Today I saw 
*A wonderful, possible new map.... for 200 minutes without the possibility to call the shuttle.
*A robust ling with a good hive (5-10 people?), grinding themselves at Kondaru. Because they could not call the shuttle.

The magic words "this round is not allowed to end". (don't quote me on that, don't have it copypasta from the comms terminal)
At least there was a 30min respawn timer smile

I mean sure, the Ozymandias round had a funny end after all. I'm going to miss the current Kondaru end because of work, so maybe there too?
But still, what the hell?

If that's part of the Spooktober events, please don't.

Aight, I can be a bit impulsive now and then, hence here we are and apologize about that.
What I'm trying to say. Please don't make rounds actively unenjoyable for players.

Playtesting and all is fine but denying shuttle with no admin around is not.

Some people have limited time to play and some people are new fellows.
The product and work put into it is amazing but for testing some shenanigans which could lead into this, could probably be handled better no?
Well this turned out to be a quite unfortunate timing for this certain post.

I believe it was few minutes before the neat 24h crash event started and I really thought, that someone may just have forgotten to 'turn off' the 'round not allowed to end' event.
Would just like to say that this was not aimed at the crash event, which, I think is a nice change of the usual gameplay overall.
So yes, apologize for the hassle and I'll see myself out.
After one week already, this aged like wine.

And I'm actually really sorry to push it once more after seeing myself out. But I don't want to leave it like this. Last one I promise.

Besides the fact, that I strongly believe that this may be one step in the wrong direction.

'Bombini has consistently failed to provide the player experience we wish to have on our servers.'
This was the statement made on Discord.
True, Goon2 has been considered the 'wild west' for some time now. But not in a bad way directly.
The community is not always perfect, aye. There were good and bad rounds.
Still, I consider goon2 not only the best server to actually learn the game for new players but also a keystone to discover the different a-zones and secrets.
Not to mention that a considerable amount of well known players on goon1 also started on goon2.

Now to the original question.
What is the player experience you wish to have on your servers?
For none-RP players there is only one option, goon1.
Massive server with 80-100 ppl so nobody can latejoin any job besides greytiding and everyone knows nobody, player connections are rarely made and slowly.
Hence I was never a big fan. (Personal view, of course)

Which also raises the follow-up question, maybe the most important one:
If the outcome was not to your liking and having watched it for months...
How come there was no intervention at all? No feedback to the players, no communication. Just a shutdown?

I would like to tell myself, that even as it was the 'wild west', executive authorities cannot be an issue, as the community handled itself fairly well most of the time, even without any security. For instance the famous Mining Militia and rule breaking was always reported as far as I know.

Now. I don't expect really an answer to this wall of text right, with less structure than I would have preferred.
Also yeah I know the original post was not aligned with the usual feedback template, but it turned out to be quite unusual after all.

Hell, I would not be surprised with a follow-up ban considering my last thread which was terrible (Admins only).

I could bring up hundreds of amazing events on Bombini and personally not a single point to shut it down within reason.
Of course. Our mileage may vary a lot. But then I also ask you to put yourself in a users point of view now and then.

Decision has been made, there is no going back now. And sadly it will also cost a bunch of personalities. For what?
A more detailed post about the shutdown of Bombini would be great.
(10-17-2022, 06:33 PM)Redbacko Wrote: How come there was no intervention at all? No feedback to the players, no communication. Just a shutdown?
(I speak for myself not all admins)

There was, you just didn't see any of it because you're not an admin and therefore you don't see ahelps or discord reports. There was chronic feedback of players not having a good time due to the player experience that was on 2.

We stripped the 'Overflow' wordings from servers for a reason. We hold each of the servers we operate to the same gameplay and community quality standards. Therefore, "Bombini has consistently failed to provide the player experience we wish to have on our servers."

I don't see a more detailed post forthcoming.
Very well. Thank you for actually reading through this and replying.

True, I was just a goon2 enjoyer and did not notice much ahelps and critical feedback.
I'm sorry that this was the case. If I'd known I would probably tried to intervene more, playing more sec and caring more about the overall crew.
Always loved to get new people into engineering but never thought about crew compliance.

Personally, if Bombini opens up again one day. All of us, lets do a better job providing a good experience for everyone, not just the robust nerds. I'm guilty to this.
Lets hope this day may come.

So yeah, anyway. Unless someone else wants to comment, please do. But,
personally I consider this thread /closed.
Like a lot, it gives me nightmares. Have I pushed it too far?
It was only about 300 minutes rounds at the start.
How did we end here?

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