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Opinions abt the Chem Dispenser upgrade
Just curious since it was recently merged.  Sleeping bee
Personally I am.. admittedly not the biggest fan? It helps with the AI chem spam from what I understand which is pretty good! I always disliked that aspect in classic. I don't nec. like making medicine on since before merge it usually already took maybe 20ish minutes of a round for me. Mixed feelings is best wording I suppose.

Thoughts from people who like/dislike/are ambivalent towards it?
Personally, i think it added tedium without making it more interesting. You can do a few things more that old chemgroups had problems with, though. (like splitting the addition of a single chem).

Having that said, it is a far easier fix than reworking chemical recipes, reactions and the whole clusterfuck attached to it. So i am kinda content with it being a bandaid-fix

Hopefully we can go back to what it was before the change once some PR's get integrated that ups the challenge of chemical reactions in an interesting way.
Personally I do not play chemist, but the few times I have (and doing the rare pharmacy shift as doctor), I have a more negative opinion. Positive view towards less hellmix spam, absolutely. But negatively, good luck getting any medbay chemicals sent to you/made, ala pent/perf. Might take a few weeks for it to be something people learn in chemistry enough to use fluidly again. Or might not. Shrugs.

Though personally, as someone who was never very good at chem, when I found out the recipes I could copy/paste to make my life easier, I found it was much more fun and rewarding to make silly chems, ala omega hairgrownium.

The real question is: how will jobs that use the chem dispenser as a side product fare? Bartenders making ex) Honky Tonic, or Pharmacists. People who don't have the time or nec the reason to memorize chem recipes. Interdepartment cooperation is the ideal but never happens.
I forget abt Bartender bc I don't play it but I know my favorite part was gathering ingredients to make Honky Tonic or Suicider (bc no med access lol), and I know now that since Colorful reagent alone is a hell and a half to make even with saved recipes and short cuts I am not going to make it again since it's genuinely not worth it.

I wouldnt mind a mix where record is an option and you can enter recipes -- or if you could only save it after so you don't have to do it every round over and over making perf from scratch if you arent lucky to have phenol or the like. It would be nice even so you dont accidentally make say ammonia. As it is now, it's just a chore even if you save the methodology. 

It really feels like they couldve removed AI access to dispensers or something before completely changing it when the PR seemed dead.
i think it's done enough to disincentivise chemgrouping your entire job away. no longer can you import 20 recipes and just be done with it, you gotta pick one and spend a couple minutes before you spam infinite of it
i think i'd like it better if it made a ding or some kind of noise to let you know that the recorder has recorded an instance of a chem being made. ie if you set it to record -> add 10u hydrogen -> add 10u nitrogen -> reaction detected (you made a chem) -> ??? -> profit

sometimes i use it and i get a little distracted and forget i have it on and i ruin the recording
I think this change, combined with the chem request console, takes huge steps towards making (chemistry focused) scientist an actual job instead of "guy in the hallways with science access". Which is an incredibly big change from what chemsci has been for the last years.

In short I approve if only to mix things up for sci department. Shame about bartenders and doctors who basically got a pretty undue nerf, but again, most of those problems can be fixed by working with the new and improved, actually departmentally responsible chemscientist. In theory. :P
As much as I've complained about it while playing and on discord, I don't necessarily think It's a bad a change. Just extremly annoying for the quasi-totality of chemnerds who almost only used chemgroups (including me >:c).

But meh, there were some chemnerds who didn't only use chemgroups before that change and they were doing just as fine as people who only used chemgroups. So it really just is a matter of getting used to it I guess... Still annoying tho >:c

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