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New Frontier Travel Chart project
Howdy! Here's the big old frontier survey chart thing I've been working on for quite awhile, a continuation of earlier stuff with the bridge system chart. I think I'm finally pretty happy with these travel guide charts now.  Still open to make some minor changes here and there. 
Many thanks to those who have helped out with feedback, ideas, and suggestions in the #imlore channel and anywhere else I've been spamming this thing over the last year. 

[Image: FrontierChart1.png][Image: FrontierChart2.png][Image: FrontierChart3.png][Image: FrontierChart4.png]
[Image: FrontierChart5.png]

I'll get around to making a sixth chart for the Abzu area soon.

If text is hard to read, right click and open images in new tab. The work file is an SVG but these are each 3000x1500~ PNGs.
With the original being a vector image, these could be printed at, well, any size up to bus or billboard.
This looks fantastic Cog. I know myself and others really appreciate the amount of work you and others have put towards this.

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