Feedback Angel, Flourish, Jan, Cal et al: NSS Broadened Horizons
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Admin(s): Flourish, Angel, Jan, Cal, and anyone else who was involved with/participated in the event.

Server: Goon 3: Morty
Time: 7 PM EST, October 1 2022
Synopsis: The event on the RP servers last night was a neat (and frankly necessary) breath of fresh air, even if it had a few hangups. It was nice being able to just interact with people without feeling like they were turning their backs to me: I didn't feel burnt out at all for that round. Even if the round did go to hell a bit (Horizon moment), it was the best in recent memory on RP. I know it was just a simple thing, but I can't thank you enough for it.
Additional Notes: I would not be opposed to this, or something like this, becoming a regular thing. I think it would be good for the health of the RP servers as a whole as a fun way to partially address the ongoing clique problem.
A week late, but I'm glad you enjoyed the event! Definitely a big thanks to everyone who adminned and/or played spider

I'd definitely be interested in this being a regular or semi-regular event as well. Just gotta figure out timezones and scheduling and all that. 

(also that avatar is great, +1 to whichever admin gave you it)

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