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A separate thread to discuss antags (ft. how it relates to metacliquing)
My thing is, i would feel more comfortable playing differently if i knew that i could take 2-3 baton hits and still make a run for it. Of course as an antag i can play off the good will of security, but that doesnt change the fact that we all (sec and antags alike) are playing around a system that doesn't encourage it.

Just on top of that, there were multiple changes that simply increased preparation time for traitors (the most recent one being the pitcher bomb removal). With increased time of preparation, you simply have less time to recover from a setback.

I think the recent change is simply an adaption to mechanical changes. Like with every game, even RP games adapt to the constrains the game mechanics itself does impose on them. And currently we have a stun meta with very long preparation times for antags. That means risk-averse gameplay.

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