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drsingh / delari memory archive
Although in later years we had not kept up, I considered him a close friend. His approach to problem solving inspired me to write something, a very long time ago. It is not about him, but it is inspired by him.
he was really proud of this one. he really lit up the room more than usual when he recognized his own brilliance.
I was so sad to hear this news today. Singh was one of the kindest and smartest admins and devs I had the pleasure to work with. My heart goes out to all of his friends and family, he will be sorely missed.
I only ever interacted with Singh through reading one discord message, and I didn’t know who they were at the time, but I sure did know they killed lag.
[Image: NxnxSju.jpeg]
Rest in peace and my condolences to those close to him. Thank you DrSingh very much for helping make Goonstation special.
I hate that I didn't keep in better touch with him during the last year. This is goddamned gutting.
I miss you, brud.
I'm gonna miss you buddy, rest in peace frown
We didn't talk much but what little we talked about, Singh had so much to say but sadly didn't enjoy expressing himself enough. Godspeed, brother.
I wouldn't be here today without the support that singh gave me.

I wish I could have spent more time with him.
Goodbye, Singh. May you rest in peace.
I remenber singh first from a heated argument about poo code i waited a long time to write this. Even if we knew of each other we knew not each other.

Sorry its been hard to write this. Just finally feeling in a place to do so.

Goodbyes come in many flavors. They're only sometimes fair. I know not where you go friend i never made. But wish you the best there

Thanks for space, Singh. It wouldn't be the same if you hadnt touched it. Cloner may not be up but you made this round great.
We're just standing on the shoulders of giants

RIP in peace, spaceman
Just dropped trou and mooned the woods behind my house. Three slap salute.

No idea why the hell I figured that'd be a good gesture of respect, but that probably means it fits well. See you next round, Singh.
Holy fuck dude frown(((((((((((((

This just broke my heart. Was always the sweetest dude. I can't believe this. So many years of being the nicest person. Rest in power

When i was a kid playing goon I remember magicmountain being the absolute homie so many times. Was a pillar in the early days. Have so much love for him. This has greatly upset me.

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