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moving / heating / medical transport aid requested
Howdy folks, sorry to ask this again but I could use some help getting through some big expenses the next month while we're moving. I'm still working part time doing remote IT work and my second seasonal job is starting to rack up more hours as the holidays approach. We got approved for a new place to move into on November 1st, the rent there is a couple hundred bucks cheaper and it's much closer to medical appointments. There's a spring job already lined up so finances will keep getting better once we move and have some room to recover, but it's a lot to deal with right now after a couple months of low demand at work. 

There was just recently a murder in our current neighborhood, a half dozen shootings in a week and my partner was just assaulted in an attempted robbery. Between that and having to dodge a positive covid case in our house, we're definitely looking forwards to renting a place in the forest with a woodstove for the winter.
Thank you so much for the help, it is greatly appreciated.
Almost up to the goal already, dang. Thank you all so much. Definitely helps make the next few weeks a lot less stressful.

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