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Spider(man) Mutantrace
Spiderguy, spiderguy, does whatever a spiderguy can. What can a spiderguy do, anyways? Mutant races have always been a hot topic on the suggestion forum (and spiders have a pretty big presence on the station - clownspiders, icespiders, and space spiders run wild) so I figured I’d give my two cents on what I’d think would be an interesting mutant race. Behold: the guyspider, not to be confused with Spider-Man.

As a glass cannon, guyspiders would be incredibly vulnerable to burn damage (much like the way real spiders aren’t that fond of fire), sprint very quickly with an extra pair of legs (at the expense of having hot garbage stamina) and an extra pair of arms (that easily get blown off or severed) to hold twice as many goodies. Additional traits could include hissing and cooing soundclips when screaming or getting a nice head pat, and spouting the words “pizza time” upon picking up a pizza box. 

Current mutant races are not high-risk, high-reward - they’re all pretty well rounded, save for the miserable pugs with permanent asthma. Guyspiders would serve as a fragile, robust, fighting machine, well suited for skilled players who love combat (or players who like playing a dangerous game with plenty of punishment).
I like most of these mechnaics cept the extra arms for one reason ALONE.

"How do you code extra arms in and how do you make them appear in BOTH HUD modes?"
"How do you target the extra arms?"

Suddenly your little suggestion becomes a huge problem in the design of the game.
Cause let's say you wanna shoot off a spider persons extra limbs? Does aiming on the right arms and legs target both? Is it random wich hits? Does it hit both at the same time?

These are balancing issues to do.

"OTHER WISE" I recommend a different mechanic for them then "extra limb mechanics"

While you can move around faster with shittier stamina, add one mechanic all spider enemies can do.
"Walk on space"

Yea allow them to walk freely on space insted of this extra limb nonsense that is harder to code.
With in lore reasons to go with: "Just like any good spider, they can walk the thin lines of time and space"
Cause time web and bla bla bla.

This way they have an unique trait wich isn't too powerfull since jetpacks and space pods are faster.
But at the same time, it makes them jumping out of airlocks their best form of escape.
And with the weaker effects to burn damage (Wich is also cold damage).. it means if they don't wear a suit, they will take a ton of damage running out there, shaking their presuer... thus risk reward.

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