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"Secrethelp" mentorhelp subcommand
often times as a mentor i see questions about secret content and since it's secret content all i or anybody else who responds can tell them is that it's secret content and can only be inquired within the secret discord channel

but what if there was a mentorhelp subcommand or whatever that could be used for asking questions about secret content? the idea is that since there is the spoiler rule (and any mentor is able to see incoming/outgoing mentorhelps), there could be an opt-in channel for both players and mentors who could ask questions and answer about secret content. now perhaps this could have a cooldown attached to it so people don't just ask a new question everytime they hit a wall with something. i'm aware there is a dedicated spoiler channel in discord, but, not everybody likes to use it.
Send secret help messages to imspoiler channel and let them answer it?

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