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Tone down farting
The fart noise is just really annoying and a staffie spamming it for 5 minutes straight gets tiring fast, dunno if the solution would just be like a 30 second cooldown between farts or farts doing butt damage  or something else. Having one sound spammed for 2 minutes straight is just really tiring and farts are by far the most spammed sound.

But I do understand you want it to have damage like dabbing
How about.....a fart volume slider? Just for the fart noise
Hate listening to the engineers farting in a box for twenty minutes while I'm trying to roleplay.
(09-21-2022, 03:23 PM)KikiMofo Wrote: How about.....a fart volume slider? Just for the fart noise

If another sound was being spammed a lot, then we'd just reduce the ability to make that noise as much instead of this weird specific work around for one thing. This just seems like a very weird and unclear way of doing it this.
Please don't nerf farts, thanks. This is peak comedy
Do people actually find funny hearing the same sound over again for minutes straight?
yes i do
i second the damage motion only if it further reduces fart cooldowns until i fart my organs out
Yes, absolutely in favor, remove farts, if you're not going to do that, make it like dabbing so people don't do it all the time.
It hasn't been funny in like a decade and it's gross.
Farts and fart humor are, frankly, one of the main themes that go through all of goonstation.

If people don't want to hear it, add an client-side option to reduce/remove the sound of it

Beyond this, i simply don't want all of engineering to fall over of brain damage. The poor guys suffered enough already with the hellburn nerfs.
this is like asking to remove bees from goonstation, i think the idea is preposterous

if anything just add a trait that makes it so you can't hear them, like clown disbelief. fart disbelief.
Real pros alternate between horn honks,burps, farts, and bagpipes.
Please, god no.

I'd be okay with taking Ass Damage until it flies off if you spam it a lot, but farting is a great way to remind people they're still playing a goofy spaceman game.
(09-21-2022, 11:42 PM)DioChasek Wrote: Real pros alternate between horn honks,burps, farts, and bagpipes.

pshhh no vuvuzela spam, amateur
yeah farts are pretty boring at this point and the jokes when you do them are so ancient. should have regular emote cooldown tbh. if you wanna be nice you can make it make as much gas as however many farts you'd make in that time normally for the engineer mains

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