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write on the floor with... BLOOD?!
as the title suggests, this update would make it so you can write with your own blood!

would be a cool thing imo, comment if its good or not.
Not a bad idea to have blood writing idea, but how to do it?
(09-21-2022, 08:03 AM)Kotlol Wrote: Not a bad idea to have blood writing idea, but how to do it?

So you know that fancy pen? Stab yourself with it and until your bleeding effect ends bam drawing in blood.
Should be tied to the bleeding status effect I think
Ive always wanted the ability to write a message in my own blood while dying. Don't know how you could balance it though.
id love this, especially now that halloween is coming
A way to make this could be... Maybe clicking on blood on the floor/in a beaker with a pen/pencil/crayon and the next X things you write are in blood. Just an idea, if anyone would find this useful.
I like this idea a fair bit! Could maybe do like a grab intent on your body or something while bleeding to do it without a pen too maybe? Either or really. I agree with Mab, with the spooky season coming up that is pretty well timed
WIP as in it works but there's probably a lot of bugs and the code sucks
Will have it done by Oct

edit: holy shit pen code is so old this is hell
Added. Moving to good ideas

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