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Restore click-stacking on syringes
Previous syringe behaviour was that it would inject 5u to a patient after a short delay after clicking them with a syringe in hand. The clicks could be “stacked”: clicking someone two or three times in quick succession would start the delays in almost-parallel, allowing you to push in more than 5u after the initial delay plus a little bit.

Current syringe behaviour has an action bar, so you have to wait the full amount of time for each 5u injected.

I would propose we maintain the action bar for visibility but restore the previous click stacking behaviour: it felt much more natural to me and waiting for 5u each time is awful if you aren’t injecting a pure chem. IC-wise the time is spent finding a vein, it’s not time spent pushing the plunger. Balance-wise pills exist and are much more effective at filling someone with chems.
my guy i don't know what you're talking about, click stacking works just fine for me
Tried it again, I think I was going wrong with muscle memory - it only registers the second injection if you click a beat or two after the first (about a third of the bar).

I was used to just clicking three times immediately v0v

guess its an action bar feature to stop people needlessly interrupting their own actions by accidently double clicking or something

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