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Restore click-stacking on syringes
Previous syringe behaviour was that it would inject 5u to a patient after a short delay after clicking them with a syringe in hand. The clicks could be “stacked”: clicking someone two or three times in quick succession would start the delays in almost-parallel, allowing you to push in more than 5u after the initial delay plus a little bit.

Current syringe behaviour has an action bar, so you have to wait the full amount of time for each 5u injected.

While the action bar on others is fine, I would propose we keep the action bar whilst restoring the previous click stacking behaviour: it felt much more natural to me and waiting for 5u each time is awful if you aren’t injecting a pure chem. IC-wise the time is spent finding a vein, it’s not time spent pushing the plunger. Balance-wise pills exist and are much more effective at filling someone with chems.
I think this is already the behavior? Syringe action bars don’t seem to interrupt on click or on starting another action; just when being attacked, moving, or being stunned.
As far as I know clicking 3 times should still work; the latter 2 actions will fill up “behind” the first action bar.
If it indeed doesn’t let you inject 15u via successive clicks then it’s a bug, I think.

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