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[MERGED PR] Standardises The Kondaru Armoury
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About the PR:
In effect, this PR redesigns the Kondaru Armoury, as seen below, allowing for the addition of a phaser crate, two night vision goggles, a breaching hammer, and a box of flashbangs. The communications console has also once again been moved inside of the Armoury.

[Image: 191321216-ce634661-a577-4f51-9f7c-2b97b3215160.png]

However, I would much rather this be seen as the first PR in a series of PRs working to standardise the various maps' armouries. A list of essential and optional equipment for armouries may be found here:

When compared to the above list, in addition to the standardised equipment, the Kondaru Armoury also possesses:
* 2x Riot Launchers
* 2x 40mm Smoke Shells
* 3x Crowd Dispersal Grenades
* 3x Flashbangs
* 1x Flashbang Box
* x7 Flashbangs
* 3x Emergency Auto-Injectors (Atropine)

Why's this needed?
Armouries really should be standardised as to contain the same basic equipment as each other, while also being distinct in their own unique ways. As for Kondaru, the missing phaser crate is a inexorable peeve of mine; Kondaru is somewhat mid-to-high population map, Security should not require to rely upon Cargo for phasers, should the need arise to use them.

(u)Mr. Moriarty
(+)Redesigned the Kondaru Armoury, adding a phaser crate, two more night vision goggles, one additional breaching sledgehammer, and a box of flashbangs. The communications console has been moved back inside of the Armoury.

I'm looking for feedback on the list of contents moreso than the Armoury redesign, but any input would be appreciated.
From my comment on the PR:
The current list was arrived at by taking the current contents of all average sized armouries and looking at similarities and averages of content amounts (prior to #10462's removal of NVGs from the special equipment lockers); comparison of notes with Chatauscours, who was also intending on standardising Armouries; critical feedback from various Discord channels I posted the list in; and feedback on specific elements of the list (no. of riot armour sets vs. no. of bomb disposal suits).
A large part of purpose of this PR is to receive feedback on the list itself, however.

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