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DNR brains catching fire, exploding robotics, changes required with new SR change.
Under the current system DNR brains catch fire, burning up to 20 seconds, creating a large amount of smoke, catch roboticists and other things on fire, and can further detonate the welding fuel tanks and chargers.

Please make dnr brains just rot into goo or just melt, not catch fires. with Borgs now being the only way to revive puritans, and the large unpopularity of non-requested borgings, this is just going to make things catch fire and blow up alot.
I just tested this live, DNR brains do not catch fire. They poof into smoke.
Idea so good its already in game
I guess you could say the change went up in smoke.
they caught fire last night and ended upset setting an officer on fire. Its removing them from the head. the brain is actually a flame.

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