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[MERGED PR] New Command Traitor Item: AI Laser Upgrade Modules
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About the PR
This pr adds a new item for traitorous heads of staff, an upgrade module that lets the AI use a laser ability from their cameras. The laser module shoots a 20 damage phaser shot, with a 10 second cool down, that costs 6 tc.

Why's this needed?
AI ability upgrade modules have been in the code for a while now, and I figured this ability wouldn't really fit as anything other than a traitor item. Plus gives traitor members of command more control of how a rogue AI can help them.


(*)Adds a new command traitor item: An AI laser upgrade module that costs 6 tc.

not into letting the ai use tasers thru cameras in general; wasnt when the modules were first added.

Makes tator fishing as command seem like it'll be more common too.
How much i like having the AI when rogued to be a menance...
I am 100% against this for one reason.


Wich would go like this:
T: I only need to survive the end of the round, not do anything else, here upgrade the AI and protect me.

And just like that the AI is now a global security member.
Yikes. While counterplay exists through cutting cameras, cutting station power entirely, and reprogramming the ai this would be absolutely miserable to deal with.
Honestly camera lasers would be funny as fuck
I love this.

With a 10 second cooldown between shots, there is more than enough time to rid of cameras or get out of the AI's reach. And after the first few shots everyone knows what's up.

Beyond that, not only does the command need to install the module, they need to subvert the AI as well.

And on top it's a 7tc item, on par with stuff like a c saber or the red saw, so rampage-item tier.

This is very tame in comparison to other 7tc items and i think this is completely fine. This looks like it's the perfect item to support a traitor in murdering their target. Or fleeing from sec.

I really like this and the utter chaos soneone can cause with this.
I'd be ok with this as long as the projectiles have trouble hitting moving targets
This just doesnt seem to fight, I can easily see the source of the lasers being unclear for new players, and the way to counter this is a boring and straightfoward non combat interaction via the use of a single item (wirecutters).
Make the camera lasers laser pointers instead.
beyond the discussions over what the AI should/shouldn't have, a 20 damage phaser with a 10 second cooldown is so laughably weak for 7 TC. It'll take a literal minute of BYOND time to knock someone into crit, provided they're AFK or didn't already cut the cameras instantly with a wirecutter after the first shot.

It's also a great and obvious "AI rogue" moment that will send the entirety of sec busting their way into the upload.
on its own it might seem weak but with cyborgs able to fix cameras/murder people and keep them in the way of the camera then you've got some good murder potential there

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