Croissant mentor application
Usual character name : James Yin
BYOND username : Croissant au chocolatine
Discord username : croissant au chocolatine#7420
Goon servers you play : Goon 1 for eternity

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum) :

I've been nerding on goon for more than a year and a half and during that time I've learned a bunch of things, including the fear of grass ! And for that, I have to thanks the nerds who helped/teached things to me when I was new ! Otherwise, I would had probably stopped playing this game a looooong time ago ! That said, I'm no longer new to goon, in fact I'm a full on nerd now, who's probably been here for long enough to be helpful, maybe... ! And tho I rarely spend whole rounds teaching people things I often throw tips or rapidly explain things to new people whenever the opportunity arises.
In short ! Ape stronk together, me wanna help new ape become nerd ape, because me like helping c: ! However, I will run away if you ask me ANYTHING related to the engine !

Science : Thorought my entire time on goon, I've been almost exclusively playing sci. I know how to activate any artifact and have taught artsci to a few nerds in the past, how to do almost any azone (aside from retention) and I've spent an unholy amount of time staring at my chemdispenser or at the chem list on the wiki !

Medical : My time nerding in sci also gave me a decent grasp of almost all medical chems and I think I also got enough experience in general to save that "screaming, hole filled staffie" from death !

Engineering : Aha, what ? Whats an engine ? Engine aside, thought I never play miner or QM, I think I'm qualified enough to know how to bash rocks picks and to know how to bash traders with crates.

Civilian : I "kinda" know how to grow grass tho my knowledge in botany still is limited and I can make meals of questionable quality in the kitchen~.

Security : I've started playing sec recently and thought I could improve my communicating on radio, I think can catch crim pretty well c:.

Silicon : Used to play AI and still remember how to play it so good enough I suppose ! Can't say the same regarding borgs though...

As for things unrelated to department, I've crimed enough to know most traitor items, played enough to know how to do a bunch of things and finally got owned by others enough to know I got much more to learn !

Previous bans : Banned for 1 week for : Excessive UwU speech laws (I think this was during december 2021 ?)
UwU's a lot, very patient with people overall a good person to see in a round, can't think of any bad experiences I have had with James, +1 from me.
Really good scientist and knows their stuff well. Never had a bad experience with them +1
yes he has a big brain (and is made of bread) +1
Is nerd, Big nerd. Will mentor on how to be nerd. Cant think of a better person for this server to have to teach people how to be a nerd. Also might teach people how to have 500 inputs a second. 
Great person on the server, Very useful on teaching stuff. Never been directly taught by yin but i have 100% learned alot from yin and have been taught tips on certain activities regarding medical science. 
Also is a good person, Think would make good Mentor, Plus Decent at security, Plus gets vampire all the time so would be good at mentoring new vampires!
Good option for mentor i think!
+1 all bread deserves to be mentor (If not bread then -999999999)
bread +1
Nerd bread +1

Extremely robust
Robust Bread,never had a bad experience with them +1
uwu +1
no brainer this +1
As a player, I saw you constantly powergame and stick to metafriends heavily, while being rude to strangers. As an admin, I -still- see this powergaming scientist behavior from you.

I'd like to see that change before I consider you for mentor.
(09-25-2022, 02:36 PM)Cal Wrote: As a player, I saw you constantly powergame and stick to metafriends heavily, while being rude to strangers. As an admin, I -still- see this powergaming scientist behavior from you.

I'd like to see that change before I consider you for mentor.

I can't deny the fact I powergame a lot when playing sci (and still currently do at times like you said), however I feel like I used to be way worse when it came to this in the past. An exemple of this would be how I "used to use" telesci rounds after rounds simply to gain certain broken items, which is something I don't do at all nowadays. Can't say "my powergaming habits", will change/disappear all of the sudden, but I'll be tuning it down from now on~.

As for "metafriends"... Well yeah, I do stick more often to people I know/recognise rather than with strangers. This doesn't change how I treat both though, if I'm playing sec and a person crimes then they get arrested friend or not, if I'm an antag and I get the opportunity to kill them, I'll try to kill once again regardless of them being a friend or not.

"while being rude to strangers"
After giving it a bit of thought I can see why "calling everyone "nerds" and SCREAMING AT THEM IN ALL CAPS !!!!!" can be considered rude, I never really thought about it as people never pointed this out to me. Generally speaking, my intent with strangers never was to be rude to them, thus, I'll keep this in mind in the future to avoid being rude toward my fellow crewmates again Sleeping bee .

I think that covers all that was said ? Hopefully I didn't mis-interpret any of it, do tell me if I did tho c:.
-1 left a UwU comment on my steam profile
(yea, +1, Yin can be a bit annoying and I'll admit I can't speak on the metafriends thing cause I've talked to them a fair bit, but it's main so I don't see the issue with powergaming until it gets actually damaging to other people's gameplay which I personally haven't seen from them. I do know they know a lot about science and in my experience have been completely friendly and helpful.)
Being a giant nerd and being a good mentor go hand in hand, and James Yin is the biggest nerd I know. He's also good at teaching stuff, as he's done to me a few times. Extra big +1

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